Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work from Home Transcription Companies Updated List

Here is the updated list of transcription companies that I know hire from home. If you do not have past experience doing data entry or typing from home at least then these are a lot harder to get. You may want to try starting off with some of the data entry companies even though they do not pay very well just to get some experience under your belt and then apply with these companies.
Transcription means you are transcribing some kind of messages from an audio format to a written document. There are all different kinds of transcription including medical, legal and general transcription.
Fantastic Transcripts

Net Transcripts
Mountain West Processing - hiring inexperienced and experienced transcribers who can type 60wpm
Phoenix Medcom(medical transcription, usually experienced only)
Unlimited Transcription (requires medical transcription experience)
Oracleti (requires experience but they also have a transcription apprentice program)
Spectramedi(experience preferred, they also hire sales associates and proofreaders to work from home)
Transcend Services (medical transcription, usually hire experienced only but occasionally hire entry level)
Accuscribe (medical transcription)
Fastchart (medical transcription with experience only)
Amphion Medical (medical transcription; on-site experience required for work at home positions)
Smartmed(psychiatry, medical, pathology transcription; experience required)
Spheris(medical transcription experience required)
Thomas (medical transcription experience required)
Medquist (transcription experience or classes required)
Alltype(sometimes hire inexperienced people)
Z-press Transcription (require 2 years experience in acute care, diagnostic or radiology environment)
(Scottsdale AZ only)- CPG
Typewrite(transcription/coding, legal exp required)
Caption Colorado (transcription/coding)

Accurate Typing(transcription/coding)
Focus Informatics(transcription/coding)
FDCH(financial transcription)
Cyber Dictate
HT Steno
Neal R Gross


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