Sunday, September 27, 2009

Work From Home Virtual Call Center Companies

This is the updated list of virtual call center companies. These companies all hire employees to work from home as a virtual call center agent. Some of these companies are specific to incoming calls only and some are outgoing calls only and some are both. Some of them only handle customer service calls, some are incoming or outgoing sales calls, some are business to business sales. So before you apply with any of them decide what exactly you are comfortable doing as a call center agent. Also, some of these companies only hire in certain areas and I have tried to list that nest to them. Some of these companies hire you as an employee like Alpine Access which I have mentioned in a previous post but most of them hire you as an independent contractor. This means a variety of things including the fact that you will have to figure out what that means for your taxes but it also means you have the freedom to work for more than one company if you wish. Some of these jobs are full time but most are not. I know many people who work for a few of them to get the number of hours they want. Also, some of these companies pay by the hour regardless of how busy you are like Alpine Access but some of them pay by the minute only when you are actually on a call. These are all factors you need to take into consideration when applying for one of these jobs. I am pretty sure all of them require you to have high speed internet but there are a few that also require a separate phone line used exclusively for work. Good luck! (as seen on the Dr Phil show) (outbound calls to current newspaper subscribers) (This company does verification for sales calls-some positions are live operators who speak to someone and verify the sale and some are verifiers who listen to recordings of sales) (click on remote under physical work location) (some of their positions are customer service calls and some are more telemarketing-lead generation) (outgoing verification calls for background checks) (incoming donation calls for PBS, etc., you do have to pay the fee to cover your background check if they decide to hire you-they can do this because you are a contractor not an employee. Some people do not want to do this which is totally understandable but it is a very legit company) (outgoing customer service calls to current customers) (must do 6-8 weeks of onsite training in their Utah office before being allowed to work from home) (currently only in New Brunswick,Canada) (work primarily with newspaper industry) (telephone bid takers for established clients, no selling) (some of their positions are business to business telemarketing appointment setting and lead generation, others are outgoing renewal calls to current customers) (hire people to work at home on a temporary or contracted basis for a variety of jobs) (they hire people with disabilities to telecommute from home) (only in the state of Utah at this time)
• 1800flowers (hire sales and customer service reps to work from home)
• HSN(Home Shopping Network)!BNJO0&cm_sp=Global*BN*Careers (taking calls for items being sold on HSN
• New Prospect hires customer service reps to work from home but they do not advertise this on their website. For more information email
• Baby to Bee also hires customer service reps to do outgoing calls to verify Mom-to be information and present free offers. This one also is not advertised on their website. Email for more information
• US and Canadian virtual call center hires telecommuters to work from home (check their job postings often, some of the positions are work from home)
• Olan Mills appointment setters sometimes they have appointment setting positions working from home
JLodge prefer to hire people with disabilities • (Florida residents only, answering incoming sales calls) (sales calls) (hire data collectors to work in their virtual call center doing research based calls) (this web hosting company hires customer service reps that telecommute) home based telephone interviewers for surveys, currently only hiring in Canada but may be hiring in US soon Must be able to train for an estimated 4 - 6 weeks in the Peoria, Il or Waterloo, IA area before transitioning to a home-based position, comes with benefits and 401K coming soon will be hiring customer service reps to work from home renewal speciliasts PC customer support agents Kelly Services Teletech International virtual call center company who needs agents who speak a second language hiring in home callers and evaluators that live in PA hiring call center agents in Ohio or West Virginia OK residents only must complete on-site training somewhere in your community telephone researcher hires in FL, TN and TX telephone survey agent, on site training in Boca Raton, FL
Hilton hires at home reservationists in Dallas and Tampa Telemarketing


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