Work at Home: Internet Assessors

Lionbridge is a company that I have posted about several times in the past. Right now they are hiring for several positions once more. Here is a brief description of each.  All of these positions are working with a major search engine in order to improve results and quality of those search engine results.

Internet Assessor- help make internet search engine results more relevant. You will score results
according to the quality and relevance 

Mobile Search Evaluator This position is very similar to the internet assessor position but you will be scoring the quality and relevance of search engine results for mobile users

Ad Assessor- This position is working within a web-based application comparing user search engine queries and advertiser keywords with website landing pages. The Ad Assessor must judge the relevancy and relationship between the page itself and the query, keyword and ad snippets on the page.

Internet Crowd Worker-The main purpose of this role is to perform research and to capture your opinions to ensure the best results possible are achieved to make a difference to the user experience.

Social Media Internet Assessor– For this position they are specifically looking for those active on social media sites, specifically those with an active Gmail and Google+ account. They want creative thinkers who enjoy browsing the internet and would like to express their opinion on the quality and content of what is currently out there on the web.




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