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7 Ways You Can Get Paid to Drive

The world is our oyster when it comes to ways make money these days. Did you know you can even get paid to drive or use your car in other ways to make money? It seems that everywhere we look, there are options for starting a business, expanding a business, or finding ways to capitalize on a product or a service. It’s a great time to branch out and start finding ways to increase your income. We live in a world of “demand”, where consumers like to have a product or service right then and there. No one wants to wait or likes to wait, and it seems that more and more companies and business are popping up to cater to the impatience of our nation. It’s a great business to be in because it isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. If you are looking for ways to earn money with items or skills that you already have, think of how easy it would be for you to start earning money with the use of your car. Seriously, there are many avenues that you could capitalize and bring in income all by using your own car to help others.

Get Paid to Drive

Get paid to drive as a delivery driver.

Most restaurants deliver, right? And while that can be a great gig to have to supplement your income, think bigger. Now, even more stores are getting into the delivery game. Grocery stores are having groceries delivered, floral shops have flowers delivered, and even coffee shops are getting in on the game, too. If you have a car that you aren’t using all the time, why not see if you can’t work for a few locations in town and use your car to make their deliveries? Better yet, present your idea to a business that doesn’t have a delivery option. You could help them out by offering a service that they hadn’t even thought of, increasing their profits and potential customer base. Here are some companies that will help you get paid to drive.

  • Uber Eats– Deliver food from local restaurants working whenever you want to work
  • Door Dash– Deliver food from local restaurants working whenever you want to work
  • Amazon Flex– Make $18-$25 an hour working flexible hours when you want to work delivering packages for Amazon
  • Postmates– Deliver anything from anywhere including groceries, alcohol, and takeout. Set your own schedule working only when you want to work
  • Shipt– Become a shopper for Shipt and get paid to drive, shop and deliver groceries
  • Instacart-Shop and deliver groceries in your spare time
  • GrubHub-Make up to $25 an hour delivering food from local restaurants in your free time

Transport people around town.

Check your town to see about Uber regulations and see if you qualify to become a driver. It’s a great way to earn extra money during your off hours or on the weekends. If Uber isn’t in your town, see if there are other.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Hope, Skip, Drive– Make up to $30 an hour driving kids as a CareDriver. Set your own schedule working in your free time.

Get paid to drive people to and from the airport

Think of yourself as a shuttle. People can contact you and pay you to drive them to the airport, or pick them up from the airport when they arrive. It not only saves them from the hassle of having to rent a car, it makes it more convenient as well to be able to get right in your vehicle when they exit the plane. This is more of a business and you will need to research your state requirements as far as a business license, what is needed for a chauffeur’s license, find our if you need to make changes to your car insurance, and find ways to market your business.

Advertise local businesses on your car.

Have you ever heard of a car wrap? Some companies will pay people who have vehicles to display an advertisement for their business on their car. They compensate them for driving around and having that advertisement in view for others to see. While it may not pay a ton of money, it still pays and could be a great supplemental addition to your wallet. Reach out to local companies to see if any of them would be interested in such a partnership! This is one area you need to be careful in as far as there being a lot of scams out there. If the company tells you they will be sending you a cashier’s check where you are to keep a portion of the money and then wire the rest to the person who will be installing your wrap then guess what? It is a scam. The check eventually bounces and you are out the amount of money you sent. Also remember to never send any money or pay any fees up front. The company I usually recommend is Carvertise.

Deliver papers

Are you an early bird that likes to be busy? Why not contact your local newspaper and see if they have any delivery routes that are open in your town? Local newspaper routes are a great way to be able to use your car to start earning money immediately. Some routes that are established also offer the opportunity to earn some great tips too come holiday time if you are prompt with the service and delivery of their paper!

Car Sharing

Car sharing basically means renting out your car to others when you don’t need it. You create a free listing giving details about your car and ome photos of your car. List dates your car is available and you will get notified when someone requests your car and can respond by confirming or declining. Coordinate where and when you will meet the client to drop off the car and to pick it up when you are done. How much money you can make depends on the value of your car and how often it is available. Here are some companies that will do this.

Use Your Vehicle to Help Others

People everywhere need help moving and delivering things and if you have a truck or van you can get paid to help. $30 an hour or more helping others. Sign up with Dolly to become a helper.

Earning money with your car can be super simple. There are always companies looking for help delivering or promoting their items! Contact a few of the local businesses in your town and see what way you and your car could be of assistance to them. Inform them of your availability and your schedule and find out exactly what their needs are. By asking those questions, you may be surprised that there are many businesses that would love to have an extra hand in delivering great products to their customers! Want to find others you can make money from home? Check out our list of companies that hire for work from home jobs.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.