Virtual Call Center Jobs With ACD Direct

Virtual Call Center Jobs With ACD Direct

Virtual call center jobs are some of the best work at home options for those just starting their search. They do not require a lot of experience or a degree and because there are so many companies that hire for these positions, it means that there are more positions available. You can look over our list of over 60 work from home virtual call center companies  for other options but one great company to get hired with is ACD Direct.

Virtual Call Center Jobs

Who is ACD Direct?

From the company website:

“ACD Direct offers solutions to optimize fundraising and outreach campaigns by allowing our clients to connect directly with their audience. Whether it’s doing routine call center work, providing high-level services, such as web chat or Pledge Cart, ACD delivers services that align and support our clients’ goals and integrate seamlessly.”

Basically the company operates as a virtual call center but their focus unlike so many of the other companies out there is with fundraising and non-profits. Calls are routed to your home and customers calling do not know that the agents work from home so it is required to have a quiet work background. Agents take phone calls for telethons, radio fundraisers, etc. Having personally worked for the company for a while many years back, it is definitely a much more laid back, feel-good job than most virtual call center jobs. Most positions are people calling because they want to happily support a cause versus calls at many virtual call center companies where customers are calling to complain.

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Virtual Call Center Jobs


Virtual Call Center Jobs F.A.Q.

ACD Direct hires agents on as independent contractors. You must have a quiet work space, an internet connection,  a computer, a phone, and a USB noise canceling headset.

Due to the residential state laws regarding independent contractor requirements, ACD currently does not accept applications from residents of the following states. 

  • California
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

As far as computer requirements, this is what is required;

  •  Windows Based PC with Anti-Malware Security Software.
    Mac/Apple systems are not compatible with ACD Direct platforms and programs. Chromebooks do not provide full functionality necessary to run our programs and platforms
  • 2. Effective April 1, 2019, Windows 10 will be required as it is necessary to run the MAX integrated softphone.
  • 3. Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • 4. CPU (Intel or AMD) 2GHz processor (or equivalent)

The company does not charge any fees to be hired but there is a $30 background and certification fee.

How Do I Get Hired for Virtual Call Center Jobs With ACD Direct?

You can start the registration process on the ACD website. Once you submit a registration form,  the company will automatically send instructions on how to submit a voice sample. Once the voice sample has been submitted, you will need to send an email including your full name, and the phone number you called from to You should 5 business days to receive a response from the company. If you still do not hear anything, you can send an email to for a status update.

Agents can  choose their own schedule using the online scheduling tool. This includes choosing times and days that fit your personal schedule. there are no minimum or maximum hours you are required to schedule. 

The company offers a certification program so agents can get certified with multiple clients. The more clients you have certifications for, the more calls you can receive during your shift.  this is important because of how ACD Direct agents are paid. For inbound phone work, ACD agents earn between 25-30 cents ($0.20 – $0.32) per talk time minute. New agents will start at 25 cents ($0.25) per talk minutes. ACD also offers various bonus incentives for adhering to schedule and average talk time. Aents can earn up to 35 cents ($0.35) per talk minute. We also offer other projects, such as emails, tickets, and chat which pay at different rates. So if you have a slow shift contractors do not make as much as if you work busy times and have more certifications.

Contractors are paid twice a month by direct deposit.

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