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Advanis Work From Home Jobs

Need a work from home job that is flexible and make your own hours? See if Advanis work from home is right for you. You can also find other similar jobs on the virtual call center companies page.


Work from home with Advanis

Who is Advanis?

Offering research-based insights and advice, Advanis helps their clients make crucial marketing, business, and public policy decisions.  They do research services and data collection mostly. Advanis work from home jobs include home telephone research interviewers that conduct surveys. Advanis work from home market researchers are given the opportunity to train on all aspects of research – survey design and implementation, project and data collection management, and reporting.

Working with a wide variety of clients including many Fortune 100 companies, Advanis is a leader in the industry. Most of the clients are focused in the industries of financial services, telecom, technology and professional services. The Advanis social research team works with public sector organizations such as federal, provincial and local governments, universities, school boards, workers’ compensation boards, and health care organizations.

The company is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and also has offices in Waterloo, Ontario and Montréal , Québec.

What Advanis Work From Home Positions Does the Company Hire For?

The work from home position that Advanis hires for is called a telephone research interviewer. This is basically a call center position that performs outgoing phone calls to perform surveys over the phone. Their requirements for this position as listed on their website is as listed below.

You need:
 a good command of the English language
 excellent customer service skills
 a typing speed of 30 wpm
 a quiet, private place in your home
 a computer with high speed Internet service
 a phone line in the office space – if you wish to leave your phone line available for
people to call in on, you would need to have a second (separate) phone line
 a landline phone. No cellphones.
 a corded headset with a noise cancelling microphone. No cordless phones or speaker
 a personal computer (PC or Mac)
Bilingualism (French, Spanish, or other) is an asset, but not essential.

As a remote agent, you would receive additional benefits such as:
 the ability to claim a portion of household expenses such as Internet, power, rent, or
 no transportation cost to come to work and no parking costs
 great web community to provide you with the support you need to do a great job
 flexible scheduling that works with your home life

What can I expect working for Advanis?

Contractors can make their own hours so it is a flexible position. Telephone surveys are conducted via outgoing phone calls. The only complaint I have heard about the company is that sometimes there is not enough work that contractors can not get enough hours weekly. In that case you may want to have multiple call center positions to fill in the hours you need. You can check out our list of virtual call center companies.

How do I apply?

When you visit the Advanis career page you need to look for the Telephone Research Interviewer, this is the work from home position. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday 3-10 pm MST (5-12 pm EST) and Saturdays 10-5pm MST (12-7 pm EST). You must have high speed internet and a landline phone. They hire in the US and Canada.   The application process can take about 30 minutes so make sure you start the process with enough time to finish it. The amount of time it takes to hear back from them depends on the back log of applications they have at the time. Because this position can sometimes not offer enough hours to satisfy some people’s needs for part time work, you may want to evaluate your needs and combine this with other work from home if needed.

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