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At-Home iTunes Advisor Position

Image via WikipediaApple is currently hiring for a full time telecommuting position as an At-Home iTunes Advisor. Here is the info from their job posting. You can view the job and apply here.
You know Apple is passionate about creating the world’s most innovative products. But it’s just as passionate about assisting the people who use them. So as an At-Home Advisor for the AppleCare Program, when customers call in with questions, you won’t just provide answers—you’ll provide an experience. You’ll focus on the small details. You’ll impress, engage, and inspire. And you’ll do it all from home.

A position you’ll love:
• Helping to delight each and every one of our customers.
• Realizing troubleshooting can be rewarding and fun.
• Exercising multitasking skills as you manage multiple systems and applications.
• Giving people yet another positive Apple experience.
• Saving a bundle on gas by working from home!

A candidate we’ll love:
• You have some customer service experience, or just like to help people.
• You have a quiet workspace with a desk, a chair, and a door.
• You have, or are willing to get, a dedicated analog phone line.
• You have, or are willing to get, internet service meeting minimum requirements.
• You don’t need a manager around to get motivated—or coworkers.
• You can navigate a computer running Windows and/or Mac and fix problems that arise.
• You have a passion to learn and develop continually.
• You are good at solving problems and helping others find answers.

The ideal opportunity to use what you know:
A job in the AppleCare is an opportunity for you to use your knowledge, your experience and your passion. With your technical know-how you will continually provide meaningful customer service to enrich our customer experience.

To delight Apple customers—and yourself.

Desired Qualifications:
• Previous experience in high tech customer service
•Flexibility to work varied shift on a 7 day schedule including nights and weekends
•Analyze and resolve a wide variety of complex technical customer issues
•Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
• Leadership skills in an area of technical speciality
•Superior time-management and prioritization skills
•Mac and Mac OS experience strongly preferred

*Preferred candidates will have demonstrated excellent performance at the ACR II level of the AppleCare organization,
and should be skilled in handling multiple product types and customer demographics.

Workspace Requirements: (if not currently present, will acquire)
• A private workspace in your house, where ambient noise can be minimized during work hours.
• A workspace with a desk and ergonomically fitted chair that allows proper installation of your technical equipment.
• An analog phone line that can be dedicated to contact center calls (monthly allowance provided by Apple).
• Internet service meeting minimum system requirements (monthly allowance
provided by Apple).
• Self-motivated and able to work remotely from co-workers and management.

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