Get Paid for Website Testing

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Get Paid for Website Testing

Many moms may find that they do not have the time for a work at home job or business but many families DO find that they need some extra cash from time to time. Did you know you can get paid for website testing? It is one of several ways that you can learn how to make extra cash from home.

Get Paid for Testing Websites

You do not have to be a professional website designer or even have advanced technological skills. The companies are wanting feedback from regular internet users just like you. As long as you have basic internet and computer skills and understand how a basic website should function then this is a great way to earn some extra cash.

What is a website tester?

A website tester is a regular user that provides feedback on website appearance and function. To get paid for website testing you walk through a test of a website using a microphone on your computer providing feedback along the way on your first impressions, website loading speed, impression of website graphics, and general functionality. Website owners are basically paying for your feedback. Sometimes you will be asked to find specific items on the website to test how easily they can be found by a regular user. Most tests take between ten to fifteen minutes. Some of the websites listed below also allow users to provide feedback on apps. Pay for website testing ranges between $8 to $12 per test.

How do I get paid for website testing?

Users must already have their own computer with either a microphone or web cam and have high speed internet access. Most companies only require a simple sign-up to become a tester.  A few companies require you to walk through a sample test to see how well you do providing feedback. This will determine if you receive testing opportunities from them. They will usually ask for some demographic information so that they can match website owners with the demographic most closely matched to their users. You will receive emails when you are a match for a website test. Some companies have an abundance of website testers signed up so you may want to consider signing up with many of the companies below to increase how much work you can receive as a website tester. Get paid to test websites with the following companies.

  • Analysia– Simply sign up for an account and they will email when a test is available for you to complete. Earn $10 a test.


  • Enroll– Go ahead and register to be notified when a test is available or you can try out one of the sample tests to see what you think.


  • Erli Bird-Give feedback on websites and apps. Earn $10-$20 per test.


  • MyCrowd -Sign up and register your device and go through the test instructions. Once eligible users can do exploratory tests, bug hunts and run test plans.


  • Start Up Lift-Startups provide their website URL and assign tasks that they would like you to perform/complete and provide responses. You visit the website, complete assigned tasks, share your thoughts and provide insightful written responses. You will be paid $5 for every feedback accepted.


  • Try My UI – Voice your thoughts and frustrations out loud while completing a website test so the site developers can understand your experience (and others’ like you). You will be paid $10 for each test you take. A typical test lasts approximately 20 minutes.


  • User Feel -Each test lasts 10-20 minutes and is completed with your home computer or smartphone. Users get paid $10 via Paypal or Amazon gift cards


  • Userlytics-User test projects range frmo $5 to $20 and each project will state the amount of payment before you choose to complete it.


  • UserTesting-Get paid $10 per review that takes about 15-20 minutes


  • UTest-Complete tests in other languages besides English if you are bilingual. Fill out their profile form to get started.


  • What Users Do-To get paid for testing websites sign up for an account, download their screen recorder, and take a practice test.


  • YouEye-Get paid via Paypal for 15-20 minutes worth of your time

If you do not have the time for a work from home job but love the idea of earning extra cash in your free time then this is a great option. You can do it whenever tests are available and get paid for testing websites within a few days. For other ideas check out our post on how to make extra cash from home.


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