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Blogging Income Report- June Update

blogger income reportWelcome to my blogging income report for June. To check out the other income reports to see where we started from and what we have been working on you can find those here: The Unsuccessful Blogger’s Income Reports.

Last month I shared what I have been working on to increase blog revenue. This month there is not a lot I have done in that area. In fact the month of June was downright crazy busy around here. Those of you who follow the blog closely probably noticed that I only posted four blog posts for the whole month. I have been trying to post about four a week lately so that is a huge difference. We were out of town for two of those weeks. I had all these grand plans to get a bunch of blog posts written before leaving and scheduled for while I was gone but I was busy getting some freelance social media work done that needed to be completed before I left. The good news is that despite my being gone and probably only working a total of a few hours on my blog for the month, I had decent income.  I am happy with the amount of income generated because it was mostly passive income meaning I didn’t do a lot to earn it and it proved to me that when I have a busy month where I can not dedicate a lot of time to the blog, I can still earn income.

Because of the lack of time I had to invest this month, there were not a lot of changes. The only new thing was getting getting involved with Linqia. I accepted my first Linqia post this month. For those of you not familiar with Linqia, it is a little different than some other paid blogging campaigns. The company pays based on click throughs with a maximum payout. Because my blog following is not huge and I have never done a campaign for them the maximum I was offered was not a lot but I decided to take it anyways. My goal was to get a lot more click throughs than my maximum payout because even though it would not benefit me payment wise for this particular campaign. Linqia looks back at your performance on previous campaigns and adjust their offers for future campaigns so it should be worth it for that reason.


Twitter Party $50

Sponsored Link $50

Linqia Sponsored Post $53.60

Google Adsense: $40.06 (Up from $15.70 last month) $11.71 (Down from $20.73)

Infolinks: $33.43 (This was the new one I had signed up for last month)

Affiliate Income from Indeed: $70.20 (Up from $57.40)

Affiliate Income from Ebates; $55.02 (Down from $92.02)

Affiliate Income from Moms Affiliate: $12.00 (Down from $17.15)

Total $376.02 (Up from $206.07)

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Saturday 5th of September 2015

Great post! Did you get paid to host a twitter party for someone else this month or were you posting affiliate links in your own twitter party to warm revenue from it? I'm seeing things on your income report that I've never seen on the others I read. ;)

Alaina Forbes

Wednesday 9th of September 2015

Sorry just saw your comments! Yes I got paid by another company to do a Twitter Party!


Monday 13th of July 2015

That is way better income than I made last month! Lol.

Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries

Monday 13th of July 2015

Hi Alaina, You are doing great with your blog. I love your income reports and it is very inspiring reading how other bloggers are doing.. I've added you to The Ultimate List of Blogger Income Reports and you are now ranked #27. Thanks for sharing!

Alaina Forbes

Wednesday 29th of July 2015

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying them!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.