Call Center Jobs From Home That Hire You as an Employee

Call Center Jobs From Home That Hire You as an Employee

Virtual call center companies seem to be constantly hiring which makes these customer service based work from home jobs some of the easiest to get hired for when first starting out. Many people looking for a work at home position prefer to work as an employee rather than an independent contractor however. In order to help narrow down that search, we have researched  to fine the call center jobs from home that hire you as an employee

Call Center Jobs From Home


For those of you not familiar with call center jobs from home, basically they are customer service based jobs. Some companies hire for these positions to take the company’s incoming phone calls routed to your home to place orders or handle customer service issues. Other companies operate as a virtual call center hub that contracts with other companies to handle their customer service on their behalf.

Either way, some of these call center jobs from home bring agents on as independent contractors and some hire agents as employees. There are pros and cons to both so be sure to research before deciding which call centers you want to apply with,

What is the Benefit of Getting Hired as an Employee?

Some call center jobs from home are as an employee and this can have many advantages. You will want to ask what benefits are included as it varies with each company but as an employee many of these companies offer access to medical insurance, dental insurance, stock options or a 401K. Some of the companies that offer full time positions also offer paid vacation.

You will also want to research the tax differences between working from home as an independent contractor or as an employee.  Generally, an employer will pay a portion of each employee’s taxes and also allow the employee to withhold a portion of their income taxes from each paycheck. Independent contractors do not have taxes withheld from their paychecks. Depending on how much you earn working from home you may need to make estimated quarterly tax payments throughout the year. Check with your tax accountant for more information.

As an independent contractor you must also pay a self employment tax at the end of the year when you file taxes similar to a business owner. Depending on how much you earn from a company as an independent contractor the company may send you a tax form with the total amount earned for the year in order to use in your taxes or you may need to track your earnings throughout the year in order to report this income. As an independent contractor there are some things you can claim on your taxes that employees can not so this is something else to weigh in your decision as well. Computer equipment or anything else you need to purchase for the position can usually be deducted and you may also be able to claim some housing costs if you have a home office. Make sure to check with your accountant first though.

When going through the hiring process there may be some differences between working as an employee or an independent contractor as well. Some companies offer paid training for either but some call center jobs from home only offer paid training if you will be an employee. If the company requires a background check or a drug test, the companies are allowed to make independent contractors pay the costs of these themselves. This is not true in all cases, there are some companies that hire as independent contractors and still cover the costs of these tests but as an employee the company is required to cover these costs.

There may also be a difference in how you are paid depending on if you are an employee or an independent contractor. Some call center jobs from home working as an independent contractor pay per minute you are on active phone calls meaning that if there is a lot of down time you may not make very much per hour. Generally, the companies that hire you as an employee are paying an hourly wage just like a regular hourly job.

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What Call Center Jobs From Home Hire as an Employee?

If you are looking for a work from home career, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of working as an independent contractor or an employee. Knowing what works best for you and your family will help you make the best decision about which companies to apply with. If you think something other than a virtual call center job would be a good fit for you be sure to check out the work at home companies page for other ideas. 

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