Non-Phone Jobs Working at Home

Work at Home Job: Ford Truck Writers Needed

Internet Brands is hiring freelance writers once again. This is a very easy company to do work from home writing for. I have worked for them in the past and they are really good about paying on time and very easy to work with.Right now,

Zynga Hiring Work From Home Moderators in Select Citiesmo

Build the Community – nurturing the core users and newer users alike.* Gather/communicate information from players regarding bugs/glitches within the game.* Create reports that include information gleaned from player discussions. Some reports will be regular and some will be ad hoc.* Uphold Zynga Forums’

Work from Home Teachers Needed

For those of you not familiar with Connections Academy, they offer "public school at home" which basically means they offer a way to homeschool your child but through the public school system where they have assigned work each day they do online and they have

Get Paid to Make Children’s Videos

The Barefoot Studio website has a posting for a company called Tiny Grads who are looking for a "young person" to film lessons given to children including crafts, musical instruments, reading, alphabet, math, etc and/or other lesson content that we may request or provide. See

Homemaking Cottage Hiring Writer

Shiloah over at the Homemaking Cottage is hiring a writer. If you don't know Shiloah or are familiar with the Homemaking Cottage, head over and check it out. The blog and the deluxe edition are full of great articles and resources. Here is the information

Baby Center Community Ad Sales Support is currently hiring for an ad sales support position who will assist the Senior Community Manager in developing and managing the sponsored areas of the BabyCenter community, such as sponsored groups. The candidate will have: strong interpersonal and organizational skills; strong written and communication

Nickelodeon Site Monitor Work From Home Position

I have posted this position before and now the Nickelodeon site is hiring a site monitor for two different shifts, either between Noon-9pm PT or the graveyard shift between 8pm-5am PT. Here are the listed requirements and responsibilities. Responsibilities: ■Monitoring our various administrative filters designed to flag

Parenting Squad Hiring Writers/Bloggers

Parenting Squad is currently hiring writers/bloggers. Here is the information from the website.Parenting Squad is a part of the Killer Aces Media network. Killer Aces Media was founded with the mission to create quality community blogs that provided a full-service admin team for probloggers. Why

Blogging Jobs

There are tons of great Blogging jobs posted lately over at the ProBlogger job board. Check out the links below over to their site for more information and to apply.If you are a Blogger and have not signed up with GigCoin, you should. They are

Real Estate Blogger Needed

This is an unresearched Craigslist ad. Email to is launching next week and we are looking for bloggers to write about real estate specifically as it pertains to the Financial District.If you know the FiDi, we want you! You decide what topic you

Brightmetrics Hiring Blogger

Brightmetrics is currently hiring a blogger for their site. For a sample of what kind of articles they write, check out the blog. They target small to mid size companies but also blog with SEO in mind to build their SEO rankings so you should

Sugar Inc. Hiring Editor in Boston Area

Sugar Inc. is currently hiring a Boston Market Editor who is familiar with what is hip and cool in and around Boston. Here are some of the requirements.Responsibilities:* Research and write articles for Fresh Guide’s Boston City Guide on the best places to eat, exercise,