TripAdvisor.com Work From Home Content Rep.

TripAdvisor.com, known for helping you make your travel plans is currently hiring a work from home content representative. This role will require excellent communication skills, the ability to learn a wide variety of tools and processes, and the capability to make tough decisions. THIS ROLE IS

Facebook and Twitter Topic Guides Needed

About.com hires for "Guides" to write for specific topics. I don't usually post the writing positions on here very often because many of the topics are very specific and would be for a very small segment of my readers, if any. I thought this one

Blogger at EarthAid.net Needed

The blog at EarthAid.net will cover topics including alternative energy, home energy consumption and how to save money. They are looking for a blogger to contribute to who has experience in energy/green/sustainability. He/She will be responsible for creating, aggregating, publishing and managing content geared toward

Home and Gardening Blogs Needed

If you run a blog that covers topics such as home improvement, gardening, cooking, home decor, etc then Outdora is looking for you. You must already have a blog set up and established and pay is based on your Google page rank. Please apply to

Food Bloggers Needed

Pig of the Month BBQ is hiring blog writers. If you are selected you will be responsible for 2-3 blog posts per month and at least one picture post.Requirements: A good fit for us will: 1. Be a total foodie and be willing to try

Work at Home-Freelance Blogging

This is not really a work-from-home job but for those of you who are bloggers and would like the possibility of making some extra money, you may want to check out GoodBlogs.com. This site is a crowd sourcing site that anyone can post a blog

Wisegeek.com Hiring Freelance Writers

I hear that Wisegeek.com may be currently hiring again. For those of you who are freelance writers this is a great site to add to your work load. They offer articles on a wide range of topics. You choose from a pool of articles which

Fashion Writer Needed

Amour Creole is a magazine who is currently hiring a freelance writer to cover the topics of fashion, beauty, health & fitness, money, sex & relationships, self-improvement and women’s issues. The pay is $75 per article. For more information and to apply see the job

Homemaking Cottage Hiring Writer

Shiloah over at the Homemaking Cottage is hiring a writer. If you don't know Shiloah or are familiar with the Homemaking Cottage, head over and check it out. The blog and the deluxe edition are full of great articles and resources. Here is the information

Parenting Squad Hiring Writers/Bloggers

Parenting Squad is currently hiring writers/bloggers. Here is the information from the website.Parenting Squad is a part of the Killer Aces Media network. Killer Aces Media was founded with the mission to create quality community blogs that provided a full-service admin team for probloggers. Why

Real Estate Blogger Needed

This is an unresearched Craigslist ad. Email lak@fididigs.com to apply.FiDiDigs.com is launching next week and we are looking for bloggers to write about real estate specifically as it pertains to the Financial District.If you know the FiDi, we want you! You decide what topic you

Brightmetrics Hiring Blogger

Brightmetrics is currently hiring a blogger for their site. For a sample of what kind of articles they write, check out the blog. They target small to mid size companies but also blog with SEO in mind to build their SEO rankings so you should