Chat Operator Work at Home Jobs With Outplex

Chat Operator Work at Home Jobs With Outplex

Non-phone work at home jobs are always at the top of everyone’s wish list. Text chat operator jobs from home are one option for those that need a non-phone option. There are many companies out there that hire for these types of customer service positions but today we will focus on becoming a chat operator with Outplex.


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What is a Chat Operator?

Chat operators are usually someone that offers customer service or technical assistance through an online chat option. You will notice many times when you visit a website if you visit their customer service page they may have an online chat option as a way to contact the company.  Sometimes a chat box may even automatically pop up when you visit a website to offer assistance. These customer service agents do not always work at home, they may work at a corporate office for the company but many companies do hire chat operators to work from home.

If you are looking for a work at home job but need a non-phone option then looking into these types of positions might be a good fit for you. Phone customer service positions usually have strict background noise policies that are difficult for those with children at home so finding a non-phone work at home job can sometimes be a better fit. If you are interested in other companies that hire for similar positions be sure to visit our blog post on 14 Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home


Who is Outplex?

Outplex was founded in 2001 and has its company headquarters in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. They consider themselves a digital and customer contact management services provider. Basically that means they offer these types of solutions to companies that outsource these positions to an outside company. In 2005 is when the company began hiring work at home representatives and in 2006 they began offering chat representatives as one of their client solutions. The company works in a variety of industries including government agencies, healthcare, financial, retail, energy, insurance, technology, travel, and telecommunications.

As a chat operator for Outplex your job would be to assist customers for a certain client with any questions or problems they may be having. Basically you would be providing customer service through online chat. If you have a background in customer service and enjoy helping others then working for Outplex might be a great fit for you.

What Requirements Are There To Get Hired For This Position?

Skills and Specifications:

Ability to type from 30WPM – 50WPM with 0 errors.

Ability to multi-task.

Ability to resource product information via tools that are provided to you.

Ability to independently research information via the internet.

Sales experience a plus!

Outstanding spelling, grammar, and communication skills a MUST!


Computer Requirements:

Must be hardwired to the internet

Must have Windows Operating System (MAC not compatible)

Education and Qualifications:

High school diploma from an accredited institution

General Education Degree

How Do I Apply?

All current available positions for Outplex can be found on their career website. Occasionally they also hire for bilingual agents as well. The application is fairly standard including skills, past employment, and references. You can also attach a resume and cover letter to be included. During the application process you will set up an account with them which you can use in the future to log in to the website and check on your application or apply to any future positions as well.

If this does not quite sound like a good fit for you, be sure to check out our list of over 200 work at home companies.

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