Disney Online Jobs With Theme Park Tourist

Disney Online Jobs

Disney Online Jobs With Theme Park Tourist

If your heart starts beating with excitement even just thinking about Disney, then why not look into how you can actually find a way to be a paid to write and talk about Disney? Disney online jobs offer a way for you to earn money from home as well as share your love for all things Disney. Interested? Find out how to work for Disney from home.

Disney Online Jobs


Millions of people per year want to visit Disney and are constantly searching for insider info, and tips and tricks on how to have an enjoyable Disney vacation. If you have an abundance of Disney knowledge that you feel would be useful to others, why not consider contacting Theme Park Tourist and seeing if you can be a remote writer on their team? Be prepared,  Disney online jobs can bring about some pretty fierce competition. Theme Park Tourist is pretty upfront about what they consider to be quality writing. They aren’t looking for just any type of Disney content to have a catchy headline out there. They are wanting high-quality articles full of factual and useful information for their readers. Shouldn’t every article written help someone answer a question that they may have? Because if one person has a question…then you know that others do as well.

Disney Online Jobs: Guidelines to write for Theme Park Tourist

  • Each person who reads your written word should close their browser feeling as though they were educated about something in relation to Disney. No fluff pieces, so aimless targeted audiences just trying to draw in traffic…They are wanting solid details and facts to educate their readers.
  • And while facts are key, feel free to make it fun and funny as well. It doesn’t need to be over the top, but enough of a humor should be present that the reader can read certain parts and have a smile on their face.
  • Be original! There are a ton of different Disney articles out there, so find an angle that is not only fun, engaging and unique but 100% yours!
  • Create an epic title for your post. It’s the first thing that readers see, right? So it needs to stand out and be eye-catching for everyone to want to read that information. Don’t just automatically go with the first title that pops into your brain. Do a bit of keyword research and brainstorm a little before ultimately settling on one.

While Theme Park Tourist does state that many of the articles that they post do happen to be in list-format, that isn’t the only ones that they accept. They accept all different types of written articles, so don’t feel as if you have to submit one standard format for them to view.

Disney Online Jobs: The Nitty-Gritty of Payment Terms

  • They pay a flat rate of $50 per article. The submitted article must have a word count of 750-1000 words, and must already be proof-read and error-free.
  • IF they accept your article, and IF your article starts to get a ton of traffic, they will then offer you a bonus amount in the range of $25-$150 for the article and that depends on how much traffic it is truly generating. Their website gets a ton of traffic daily and monthly, so your article stands a good chance of getting in front of quite a few readers!
  • If you are hired on as a writer, which is the goal that both and them want, you will be asked to write 2 articles per month at a minimum. Their goal is to have consistent writers that write great content to start developing that fan base even more. Writing one article for them with no intention of ever writing another one is not what they are looking for. Disney online jobs are a dream for many looking to work from home so write consistent beautiful articles with the goal of turning this from a one-time freelance opportunity into a consistent monthly income.
  • Payment for the articles that you wrote during the month will be paid in a lump-sum payment at the end of each and every month.

There ya have it. Pretty straightforward and simple, right? Right. So…what are you waiting for? Think of a topic that you’d love to write about, create a compelling headline that no one can resist and craft up original content no longer than 1,000 words. Make certain that you read, proofread and then do it again to ensure that you are sending it to them error-free. You never know..your dream of writing about Disney online jobs could very soon become a reality if Theme Park Tourist feels that your writing style meshes well with the other content on their site!

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