Disney Virtual Jobs: Work From Home as a Travel Consultant

Disney Virtual Jobs: Work From Home as a Travel Consultant

Working at home definitely has its benefits, but in the same breath, it also has things about it that are not always a great fit for everyone. Keep in mind that there is a difference between being employed by a company as an employee versus working out of your home as an independent contractor. If you are open to either as an option, you can then open up your search for work at home possibilities. If you’ve been searching for a job as an independent contractor that you can do from the comfort of your own home,  Disney virtual jobs  working with Travel with Magic is a great option!  If you are interested in other options you can visit our post on how to work for Disney from home.

Disney Virtual Jobs

Disney Virtual Jobs – Work at Home as an Independent Contractor

Wondering what exactly makes someone an independent contractor versus an employee? There are quite a few differences but one of the main ones is that the company doesn’t withhold taxes from an independent contractor. It is the independent contractor’s responsibility to file taxes and pay whatever portion that they owe during the year or at the end of the year.

So, why would anyone want to be an independent contractor versus an actual employee of the company? There are many reasons that people like this option. They have the ability to work a bit more flexible schedule and the pay can also be a bit higher than average due to the fact that the company isn’t having to pay any extra money for added benefits like insurance, etc. since they technically aren’t an employee.  Independent contractors have to get their own benefits and do not get paid vacation or 401k type befits generally.

Disney virtual jobs working with Travel with Magic as a work at home independent contractor is a great opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked! While it is a sales job, there are many perks that do come along with this position! It is a great opportunity for those that have a passion for all things Disney and want to share that with others or if you are the type of person who loves to help family and friends plan vacations.

Travel with Magic is just one option for those looking for Disney virtual jobs.

Disney Virtual Jobs-Who is Travel With Magic?

Travel with Magic is an authorized Disney vacation planner meaning that they are a travel agency that Disney has authorized to sell Disney vacations. This position is a sales position so it requires a certain personality that is driven to sell.

In addition to sales, independent contractors working with Travel with Magic also need the following skillsets:

  • Good communication skills
  • Strong listening skills
  • Sales skills and abilities
  • Good time management
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Have great computer skills
  • Thought about HOW you will grow a profitable business
  • Have a passion for helping people with their vacations
  • Open to selling all types of Travel
  • Must reside in the United States
  • plus more that can be read about HERE

Along with those skillsets, independent contractors will also be handing:

  •  Customer service with clients
  • Engagement with clients about possible interest in bookings
  • Planning vacations and plans for guests and families

How to get hired for Disney Virtual Jobs

Travel with Magic does offer training and other online learning options to all their independent contractors as well. When it comes to sales and wanting to promote vacation packages, Travel with Magic wants anyone who is assisting in any capacity to also be knowledgeable about what they are trying to sell. This is why a couple of the other requirements on this work at home position is that you should have personally been to the Florida Walt Disney Resort within the past two years and also been on a cruise at least once in the past 4 years.

There is some degree of training that comes with these Disney virtual jobs as the company requires all of their Travel Consultants to be graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge. Travel consultants also have access to training on DisneyTravelAgents.com. Besides these trainings travel consultants also have access to the following to help them succeed at their jobs;

  • Conference calls
  • Online training and webinars from various suppliers such as VAX, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival Cruise Line, Universal Orlando, Go-Go, and more
  • Support via email, phone and instant messaging
  • Opportunity to obtain discounts on your personal travel (after goals have been met)
  • Invitations to attend FAM and Agent Education programs
  • Internet leads if available and after you complete training and have met sales goals

Sound like something you would be interest in? You can apply for Disney virtual jobs on the application page of Travel With Magic. The form will ask your previous experience both traveling and planning vacations.

Don’t delay in applying for this work from home independent contractor position. It’s a great way to earn some potentially great money, all from the comfort of your own home. If you have the passion for sales, the drive to succeed and are looking for a new work from home career, this may be the perfect job for you! Take charge of the destiny of your career and read more about what Travel with Magic can offer HERE. Find out more about how to work for Disney from home.

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