Disney Work at Home Call Center Jobs

Disney Work at Home Call Center

Disney Work at Home Call Center Jobs

Finding a work at home job is becoming more and more common. Companies are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from the comfort of their own home, without having to waste time and take a ton of time out of their day commuting back and forth. And honestly, it makes sense, right? If there are jobs that can be done without the need of an actual office space, why not? It’s better overall for the employees and saves the company other costs, too. Disney hears this logic and seems to agree because they have opened up Disney Work At Home Call Center jobs for the general public to apply. Interested in working for Disney without ever having to leave your house? Find out how to work for Disney from home.

Disney Work at Home Call Center


Disney Work at Home Call Center Job Openings – Remote Support Representative

If you love providing stellar customer service, this may be the work at home job for you. The Disney Remote Support Representative (RSR) will spend their time conversing via the telephone, email or via live chat and making certain that all guests are having a good and pleasant experience.

Having a pleasant tone, patience and empathy are all great characteristics to find success in this role as well.

Responsibilities for Disney Work at home Call Center Open Positions

Before applying for any position, make certain that you are able to complete the required responsibilities listed via the job posting. For this RSR position, the responsibilities include:

  • Make recommendations and offer solutions to the guest’s needs and questions
  • Handle any issues that arise to the best of your capability and be able to communicate with management if a situation tends to escalate quickly
  • Remember the golden rule and treat everyone as you’d want to be treated
  • Do your best to assist guests in finding answers to their questions and solutions to their issues
  • Have fun and be energetic when communicating with guests
  • Use the resources provided to you in training and materials to try to handle any situation on your own first

Qualifications needed for Disney Work at Home Call Center Position

To be considered for this job, you’ll need to have these qualifications:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Time schedule to be able to work varying shifts
  • Have a strong internet connection at your home
  • See the rest of the qualifications here

At this time, this Disney Work at Home Call Center Position is only available those who live in these specific provinces on Canada: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Northwest Territories.

A college diploma isn’t required for this position, but a high school diploma or equivalent is.

This position is currently offered on a part-time basis, which means that the hours weekly will not exceed 29 working hours. Part-time employees will work a minimum of 12 hours weekly, and the shifts that they are scheduled to work may vary as needed.

In order to work from home, the home “office” must be in a place that is quiet and distraction free in order to be able to communicate with the guests in an effective and clear manner.

Working for the Walt Disney company is a dream come true for so many people, plus…it’s in the comfort of your own home! Take the time to read through the job description, process the responsibilities, read the qualifications and then decide if the job is something that you’re truly interested in applying for.

Once you make up your mind to apply, click on the Apply Now button listed at the very top of the job description.

You never know…your next job just may be working from home for Disney!


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