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Entry Level Remote Jobs

While there are an abundance of work from home jobs available many first timers find it difficult to get their foot in the door. Stay at home moms especially who have not worked in years may find entry level remote jobs hard to find.

If you are spending hours searching all of the work from home job sites and blogs trying to find that perfect position for you but only seem to be finding remote jobs that require experience do not be dismayed. There are plenty of entry level remote jobs out there, you just need to know where to look.

entry level remote jobs

Entry Level Remote Jobs With Virtual Call Centers

Virtual call center companies are one of the easiest companies to get hired with when starting out looking for entry level remote jobs. There are always openings in these jobs which is one reason why they are easier to get compared to some of the types of work from home jobs that often have waitlists.

If you are have not heard of virtual call center companies basically they are like a regular virtual call center but all of the agents work from home. Some companies like 1800Flowers and Uhaul set up their own call center they use to have agents take orders for them. Other companies like Ansafone and Aspect function as a virtual call center that contracts with a wide variety of clients that you can be assigned to.

Either way, your role as a virtual call center agent usually means you take incoming phone calls that are routed to your home.  Most positions are customer service based but some may include sales.

All of the entry level remote jobs below require no official previous experience. There are other virtual call center companies that require previous experience in customer service that you can also apply for if you have any type of customer service background. I have tried to list only the companies below however that require NO experience. Most of them ask that you are good at handling customers and good at basic computer skills but most of the requirements listed are more skill related than  requesting official job experience.

1-800-Flowers-Sell floral arrangements by taking customer orders or helping customers with their previous orders
Ansafone- US based call center that works with a variety of clients
Aspect-US based inbound and outbound call center that works with a variety of clients
BSG-Get paid to verify calls
Call Center International –Hires telemarketers to work remotely
Convergys-Hires for customer support positions
CSR-Hires for in home callers and evaluators
Direct Interactions-Hires for work from home customer service positions
Live Ops– Take incoming calls for a variety of clients
OnPoint-Make outbound phone calls that are regarding public policies or important issues, no sales
Sitel-Call center jobs
Sykes– Call center jobs
Uhaul – Taking incoming customer service calls for Uhaul
VeraFast -Customer service positions for a variety of clients
Voicelog – Operators receive live verification calls for telephone companies and other service industries looking to help combat sales fraud.

Entry Level Remote Jobs With Data Entry & Transcription Companies

Data entry and transcription work from home jobs are some of the most sought after which usually means they are harder to get. Many people prefer these types of positions as they require no phone work. Most data entry and transcription companies require previous experience in these fields but there are a few entry level remote jobs that simply require you are a fast typist and do not have requirements that you have worked doing data entry and transcription.




Entry Level Remote Jobs Tutoring or Scoring Online

Most work from home tutoring jobs and scoring positions require previous teaching experience but there are some entry level remote jobs that do not require any official teaching experience. Out of those companies many of the ones listed below still do have other requirements such as a bachelor’s degree but there are a few listed that do not have any requirements.

Ehomeworkhelp- This company has very little information online as far as what they are looking for in your educational background and experience

Growing Stars-No info on past educational background or experience needed. Must have your own computer, high speed internet, and Skype.

Homework Help-Must have a bachelor’s degree, a computer, high speed internet, and a headset with microphone.

Limu-This company is a great option for those who do not have a bachelor’s degree. You can teach any subject or skill you consider yourself an expert in. This could be something even hobby related. You decide your own pay rate and the company keeps a percentage of that amount. -Must pass background check and a subject test for the subject that you want to teach. A good one for those without previous teaching experience to get started.

Tutor Hunt -This site works a little different. Anyone can register to be a tutor. Once your profile is posted then those looking for a tutor in the subject you are tutoring can contact you. Users can also post tutor job postings listing exactly what they need and tutors can respond to these job postings.

Wyzant -This website is similar to Tutor Hunt in that you can register, set your own rate, and list your subject expertise. Users can choose you based on your profile or you can search for students to work with through the website.

Pearson Online Scoring -Pearson hires for online test scoring jobs. A bachelors degree only required-not in any specific field. This company does offer scorers health insurance which is very unique for companies that hire for part-time work from home positions.

WriteScore–  Write Score is an educational company that helps administrators, teachers, and students use assessment data to promote academic achievement. This company provides standard-based assessments and occasionally hires online scorers to grade these assessments. Write Score has scorer positions available throughout the school year and the position requires scorers who have a 2-year college degree and pass the final qualifying test.

Entry Level Remote Jobs With Short Task Sites

Short task sites are websites where you simply sign up as a user and find tasks you want to complete for money. Some people do not consider them a work from home job, more of something you can do in your free time to earn extra cash. For those looking for entry level remote jobs, these websites offer a great option for those without any previous experience.

Amazon Mturk



Figure Eight





Task Rabbit


If you are on the look out for a work at home position and do not have any previous experience, these options are a great way to find entry level remote jobs to start off your work from home career.



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