19 Freelance Art Jobs (Including Illustration & Graphic Design)

19 Freelance Art Jobs (Including Illustration & Graphic Design)

Freelance art jobs offer the option of working from home for all of the creative types without the regular commitment of a full-time job. When looking for a work at home freelance art job, there can be a ton of different options and companies to choose from. While it can be overwhelming to try to filter through them all, the first step is to understand exactly what each position that you are applying for does. Work at home jobs can be pretty competitive, so finding open positions that match and highlight your strengths and skill sets are key. The first step to making certain to prioritize is to narrow it down to the type of work at home job that you are looking to do. If your strengths are in art, creating, and illustration then those keywords should be what you are searching for when beginning to look and apply for certain companies and their work at home programs.

19 Freelance Art Jobs (Including Illustration and Graphic Design)


 Skill Sets Preferred for Freelance Art Jobs

When applying for different freelance art jobs, there are some basic skill sets that many companies look for:

  • Eye for detail. In order to perform the position effectively for freelance art jobs, one must have a great eye for detail. Seeing the needs, understanding how to make the vision come to life and then being able to make the vision showcase the clients brand appropriately is key.
  • Strong communication skills. Working from home and creating and illustrating images takes a ton of communication from all people involved. The truth about Work from Home Art & Illustration Jobs is that there are a lot of drafts, edits, and redo’s that can come into play. And those edits take a lot of communication skills to be able to stay on top of all that back and forth chatter.
  • Listening skills are a must. Not only is communication skills important, but then actually being able to hear and listen to what the clients needs and is looking for is just as important. There are a lot of fine details and explanations that go into creating a piece of art of illustration for a company, and if you are unable to listen and implement effectively, it ultimately could mean more work in the long run for everybody involved.
  • Graphic Design experience preferred. While there may be certain illustrator jobs that are entry-level, the likelihood of having a Work from Home job with minimal supervision means that many companies will be wanting applicants to have some sort of graphic design experience. When working off location at a different place other than the company office, having some sort of graphic design experience and knowledge is key. Companies will vary in the length of time of experience that they are looking for, but the more experience you have when applying for freelance art jobs, the better.
  • Delivery of product on time is crucial. While you may not know the need or understand timeframe for a certain deadline from the company requesting your creative illustrations, it is important to deliver the product and image that they paid for, on time and done with great quality.

In addition to those skill sets above, there are some basic requirements that most companies will require for any applicants to have a Work From Home Art & Illustrator job.

  • Strong and reliable internet connection. When working from home and having the majority of the job done online, it is imperative to have a strong and reliable internet connection.
  • Some sort of phone line for communication needs. Whether it be a home phone or a cell phone most clients and companies don’t truly care. To be able to communicate effectively with your company and your clients, you will need to make certain that you have some sort of phone to be able to speak when needed.
  • Design programs as required by the company. Companies may vary depending on what their requirements for illustration software are. Depending on what they want their Illustrators to use, you may be required to have that option downloaded on your current computer or laptop.

What Companies Hire for Freelance Art Jobs?

Some of these companies do not technically hire for these positions but instead bring you on as a freelancer or accept submissions from freelancers. These types of companies obviously can probably not offer full time work but combine with other freelance positions can provide a good income.

Analog Science Fiction– Pays for Illustrations

Avatar Press– Takes writing, art, colorists, creator owned work submissions

Bradford Group (The)Hires freelance designers, illustrators and artists to work with our Product Development teams

Colossal Takes submissions in visual art, photography, sculpture, painting, installation, collage, paper, illustration or drawing, street art, architecture, industrial design, textile, animation, documentaries

Cricket Media  Take writing and art submissions

Eat Sleep Draw Takes artwork submissions

Excel Sportswear Works with freelance illustrators, designers and cartoonists

Funny Times Takes funny cartoons and story submissions

Ignant Takes submissions in art, design, photography, fashion, and architecture

It’s nice that Takes submissions from photographers, illustrators, designers, and multimedia artists

Leanin’ Tree Accepts art submissions

Mother Jones Accepts illustration submissions

Oatmeal Studios  Takes submissions for humorous greeting card and note card ideas

Rubber Stamp Madness Takes artwork submissions

Supersonic Artwork Takes artwork submissions

Victory Productions Hires freelance writers, editors, proofreaders, designers, compositors, photographers, illustrators, and freelancers in graphic design.

Wild Apple Takes artwork submissions

Another option for those who are creative and looking for a work from home career is to start an online business with Etsy.

Etsy is a marketplace for handmade items, craft supplies or vintage items. If you are crafty, enjoy making jewelry, have a hobby like sewing or papercrafts then this is the place for you. Take a look around the site to see all the different things they have to offer. This might give you some inspiration for similar items you have made in the past that made be a good fit on the site. In order to become a seller on Etsy you set up an account with your own shop. There are no monthly fees so if you have months where you are not selling anything then there is no out-of-pocket. There is a $.20 fee per listing. Once you list something for sale it is for sale until it sells or is taken down after four months. Once someone makes a purchase from you then there is a 3.5% transaction fee as well as a payment processiong fee of 3% plus $.25. Etsy handles all the payments so that is one less thing for you to worry about. They also offer a lot of great support as well as tips for success.

Also if you love doing design you can make some good money selling products through Amazon Merch. Amazon Merch is an amazing way to make anywhere from a little extra cash to making it into a complete business. Basically you design T-shirts, upload your designs, and Amazon sells them for you. It is a t-shirt print on demand service. The great thing about it is there is no inventory, nothing you have to ship, and no up-front costs to you. You don’t need to be an expert in graphic design by any means of the imagination, some of the best selling shirts are just text on the shirt. You are getting access to a site that millions of people use and your merchandise is being advertised on there for nothing. When someone buys your shirt you receive a royalty which currently is a little less than half the cost of the shirt. Right now there is a waitlist so go ahead and apply now, it can take up to a few months sometimes.

If you feel that your skill sets match and you have the experience to move forward when applying for different Work From Home Art & Illustrator jobs, then start your online search and begin applying with the companies that match your needs and job search match. Make certain to highlight your skill sets on your resume and application and be prepared to answer any follow-up questions that they have. Looking for a few great companies that are hiring for Work From Home Art & Illustrator Jobs? Here are some for you to consider!


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