Get Paid for Your Junk Mail

Get Paid for Your Junk Mail

Everyone gets junk mail, right? Why not get paid for your junk mail. This is not what I would consider a work from home job, but more of a way to make extra cash on the side.

get paid for your junk mail

Here are several different ways you can get paid for your junk mail.

  • SBK Center conducts a type of market research study and in exchange for you sending them your mail and email solicitations they compensate you with participation points that can be redeemed in the form of a Visa gift card. All personal information is deleted prior to use in the study and they state that they shred and recycle everything received and your privacy is 100% protected.
  • US Monitor is one of several companies that pays you to be a mail decoy. What is a mail decoy? When companies send out mail they like to receive feedback on what shape it is in when it arrives and how long it takes to get to you. Companies hire mail decoys like you to receive this mail and give that feedback. This mail will be marked so you know it differs from other regular junk mail. You must enter some basic information online the day the mail arrives but it only takes a couple of minutes. The pay is $10 a month plus $.25 per piece of mail.
  • Hausernet– This company also pays mail decoy agents similar to US Monitor. The pay is $.10 per piece of mail logged.
  • Report EZ– This company is basically performing quality performance audits for the Postal Service.  They are responsible for monitoring certain pieces of mail delivered to the homes and businesses of volunteer “Reporters.” This information is used to determine how much of the mail is delivered on-time, and provide performance reports to the Postal Service. Reporters use a handheld scanner that is mailed to them to scan barcodes on the mail. You earn points monthly that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Alaina Forbes

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