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Groupon hiring Freelance Writers is not only a website that can give you great deals but it is also an opportunity for a great work from home job. For those of you freelance writers out there, this sounds like a great gig. Here is the info on the position from their website.
Freelancers are the ronins of the writing world, splitting the skulls of readers with word-swords wielded for the highest bidder. Groupon’s editorial department is looking for a few writers with the hardened souls of mercenaries and the tender diction of secret diarists.
The one and only qualification for this gig is that you can write well, and in our voice. Groupon is not the Onion or the Daily Bugle. We have a style that works, and need writers who can achieve it effortlessly. If you are not familiar with that style, hello there…now please spend a week reading our writing before you apply.
On the logistical side, writers who are vetted into our freelancing pool have a steady stream of work and can work remotely from anywhere. Depending on the workload they choose, freelancers will earn between $220 and $440 per week. They can do no less than 10 and no more than 20 write-ups per week, compensated at $22 per write-up. Within that range, they can choose the workload that works for them.
The successful candidate will demonstrate a knack for our voice in his or her sample, and will also be able to point to hard evidence of the ability to self-direct and work under deadline.
Chicago-area applicants may be invited to an instructional seminar to learn more about our writing. Prospective writers who move forward will be asked to complete four to five paid sample write-ups before we make a hiring decision.
To view more about this position and to apply, visit the website here.

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