Home Based Call Center Jobs

Home Based Call Center Jobs

Home based call center jobs are some of the easiest work from home positions to get when first starting out. Companies are finding that it saves money and resources to outsource their call center operations to virtual call center companies that can handle their customer service for them. For this reason there are over 60 companies listed on our blog that hire for these types of jobs. Arise is one of these companies.

home based call center jobs

Who is Arise?

Arise has been around since 1994 and in 1997 launched their platform to provide inbound customer service for some small businesses.  Since then they have been working with businesses of all sizes and providing award winning customer service. They have been hiring for home based call center jobs throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe for a very long time but their positions work differently than most of the other 60+ virtual call center companies we share on our blog.

Many of the home based call center jobs that you find out there bring you on as a independent contractor which is basically a freelancer. Some even hire you as an employee and provide some benefits. There are pros and cons to both so make sure you are aware of what the difference is. Arise basically helps you through the process of setting up your own business working from home. Arise walks you through the process of registering your new business including registering with your state, choosing a name, and getting a certificate of incorporation.

Once you have followed those steps you can create a profile with Arise, sign a non-disclosure agreement, enter your company’s EIN number, review available client opportunities, and then enroll in certification courses offered through Arise. There are fees associated with the certification courses but they are required by the clients Arise works with. Also there are obviously fees associated with setting up a business.

Pros of working with Arise include that setting up your own business can allow you to grow exponentially. You can choose to just work on your own or you could eventually hire and bring other people on to work for your business you set up. You also get to pick which clients you are willing to work with unlike some other call center companies.

The downside to working with Arise is that it is more complicated and costs more money to get started as opposed to some of the other opportunities that have no costs. If you are in this for the long run then it is probably worth the cost to set up the business but if you have never done any home based call center jobs before then you may want to work with one of the other virtual call center companies first and make sure it is something you enjoy.

Now some may ask if you are going through the trouble of setting up your own business why would you need to work with Arise? Arise is established as a big name in the call center world. They bring in the clients, do your invoicing, collects payment from the clients for you, and offers training needed for the job.  Many people just starting out looking for a legitimate work from home job are immediately turned off by the fees involved compared to the many other call center companies that have either no fees or just charge the cost of a background check.

The difference is this is a business not a job and just like any business you might decide to start there are start up costs. That doesn’t mean it is for everyone, it just means it is not a scam, they just offer a different way to work as a call center agent. Consider your goals, and your willingness to pay any fees before deciding if working as an independent contractor, employee, or starting your own business is the right choice for you.

Remember, however, that in general when searching for a work from home job if asked for money you should question it before handing anything over. Research the company, consider the reason for the fees, and read up on our work at home scams page before handing over any money.

What Would I Be Doing Working For a Virtual Call Center Company?

Basically as a call center agent you answer incoming phone calls for a specific client. Some companies also require outbound phone calls as well. The specifics would vary based on which client you are working with. Some are only customer service based calls while others may include some sales. Make sure you read the specifics of any client opportunities before applying to ensure it is something you are comfortable with.

If you are interested in other similar opportunities be sure to follow our virtual call center jobs Pinterest board below.

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How Do I Get Hired for Home Based Call Center Jobs?

If you decide you want to work with Arise then you can start by applying and passing a basic skills test, and by then following their directions on registering your business. Once you have done that you can start the sign up process on their website.

If you have not worked as a call center agent before you can visit our page on virtual call center companies for other businesses that hire for these positions with no fees involved. If you try it out and decide it is what you want to do long term then you can decide to move forward working with Arise. Remember for any of these call center positions you need to have your own computer and phone. Each company has different technical requirements so be sure you check that before applying.

If you have worked customer service based jobs in the past in retail for example but are now looking for a work from home job you may find that home based call center jobs are the perfect fit for you. They allow you to help customers every day while also enjoying all the benefits of staying at home. Some of the companies offer more flexibility with your schedule than others so you can find something that fits your schedule and your lifestyle. Some people even work these types of jobs as a second job for those that need some extra income. Good luck in your job search and if you are just starting out looking for a work at home job and are not sure if home based call center jobs sounds like a good fit for you then be sure to check out our work at home companies directory for plenty of other ideas.

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