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Keyword Proofreaders

In September of 2010, will be launching Zenya, which is a unique and powerful keyword Search Engine Marketing tool for businesses advertisers.

We are looking for as many as 30 part-time contractor positions to help verify the accuracy of our keyword data for this ambitious project. This telecommuting work is ideal for those who have excellent logic and language skills, enjoy word games and puzzles, and who want to earn some spending money on the side. These positions will work from home.

Job Description:
As a keyword proofreader for, you’ll help us vet keywords and categories to improve the organization of search results. In order to work as a keyword proofreader, you’ll need to have a computer that has Microsoft Excel and broadband internet access, and you should be fairly comfortable working with Microsoft Excel. Once you’ve completed some paid training online it will be your requirement to make sure our keyword lists are accurate and relevant for their categories.

Compensation and Hours: keyword proofreaders will be provided with as much as 30 hours a week worth of project work, at a pay rate of $37.50 per 15,000 keywords verified. A competent keyword proofreader can verify approximately 3000 keywords per hour, the equivalent of earning $7.50/hr. Proofreaders will be paid weekly, provided their unpaid earnings exceed $150. Proofreaders should be able to commit to verifying at least 36,000 keywords per week (approx 12 hrs work).

If you are interested in working as a keyword proofreader, please send a resume and a brief cover letter outlining your qualifications to: For more information, visit and

Please note: reserves the right to seek at no cost to you background checks, references and verification of any given academic qualifications.

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