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LivePerson Work From Home Program Manager Needed

LivePerson is in need of a Program Manager to work remotely to improve client ROI, increase customer satisfaction levels, and boost revenue. You will be responsible for ensuring that programs and projects of new clients are executed flawlessly while nurturing open and productive working relationships. You will also deliver the highest level of customer service and collaborate with a core group of targeted clients leveraging your technical know-how.
Requirements are:
* A college degree
* Minimum of 5 years deploying software solutions within large client organizations
* Proven experience analyzing business metrics and reports to find ways to improve a customer’s ROI and performance
* Expert technical and web skills; you understand web page design and ecommerce platform utilization
* Management consulting experience a plus
* Consistent track record of success and achievement and ability to share lessons learned along the way
For more information and to apply for this position visit their website.


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