Get Paid to Test Websites on

Get Paid to Test Websites on

Don’t have time for a work from home job but want to know some ways to earn some extra cash from home? Find out how to get paid to test websites on Become a website tester and earn cash in your free time.

Get Paid to Test Websites

What is UserTesting? is a service that website owners use to get feedback from users on their site. The website owners sign up with and then “user testers” or normal people like us get paid to test websites. Small business owners and bloggers are the majority of who uses the service to get feedback on the functionality and ease of using their site. This is really helpful because sometimes others will spot flaws where you yourself can not see them

How do I get started?

To become a tester just submit your email address and apply. UserTesting is open to the US and International residents who have a PayPal account. Each test takes about 15 – 20 minutes. Once you sign up and fill out your profile they will have you do a practice review to see how much they can use you I guess. You can either dial in on your phone or use a microphone on your computer if you have one. They give you a code to punch in and then you hit record on a pop up screen. The website comes up that you are to evaluate along with a task you are to perform like locating something on the website. You are supposed to talk throughout the review as far as what catches your eye on the site, how you like the layout, etc. Basically you are supposed to say out loud what you are thinking while looking at the site. Then after you are done you stop the recording and fill out a very brief summary of your thoughts on the website. They pay $10 per review.

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