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Make Some Extra Money With Your Junk Mail on PeopleString


I am always reluctant to recommend anything like surveys or anything where they tell you that you can get people signed up underneath you and make money so I have been holding off telling everyone about People String until now. I signed up with them a few weeks ago because I heard that you can make money by receiving junk mail kind of like the Mail Decoy programs I had posted about before. There are other ways you can make money on there too but I can’t say too many of them interested me but I went ahead and signed up anyways to see what it was all about. So the mail program they have sounds similar to the mail decoy programs like I said and once you sign up on their site you fill out a short profile survey and then they say that you will receive a postcard in the mail in a few weeks with an activation code. I just received mine a few days ago and wanted to wait until I at least knew that part was for real to tell anyone about it. Once you receive that then you go on the site and enter the activation code and supposedly the junk mail will start arriving soon. We’ll see and I will update you for those interested. They claim you can make $20-$40 a month so here’s hoping!
They have other ways to make money on there as well. You can receive email offers but only if you choose to. You can choose to complete offers from sponsors on their website to earn what they call “People Dollars” and you can earn shopping rebates but like I said I haven’t tried any of this yet. It is free to sign up though and I have not received any junk e-mail from them like some other sites so I guess there is no down side to it so far. If anyone else has has any negative experiences with this company though please share them with me. I do not want to be supporting a company that is not legitimate. This company has not been around very long so sometimes it is hard to research a company that is newer.


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