Making Money with Ebates

Making Money with Ebates

Probably like most moms, the amount of online shopping I do now compared to before I had kids has increased exponentially with each kid. If I can have something delivered to my door for a good price rather than hauling five kids to a store then it gets delivered. If I am going to do shopping online then I may as well earn some cash back while I am doing it right? This is one of many reasons why I love Ebates. These are my top reasons you too should also be making money with Ebates.

Making Money With Ebates

  1. With the wide variety of stores available on the Ebates website, almost anyplace I want to do some online shopping is available.
  2. There are no points to redeem to get your cash back and you are not paid in gift cards like some other websites. They mail you a check or transfer money to your Paypal account, whatever you prefer.
  3. It only takes a couple of days after your purchase for your rebate on your purchase to show up. This makes it easy to keep track of without trying to remember purchases from weeks ago and wondering if you received your savings.
  4. Every 3 months checks are sent out so there is no super long wait to get your money
  5. I like a good deal so if you have coupon codes to use on your purchases you can still use that in combination with your cash back from Ebates.
  6. To find out what percentage you will be earning, all you do is look at the percentage number next to the store name while you are on
  7. Ebates usually offers a $5 bonus for signing up for an account but right now they are offering a $10 bonus gift card. Sign up here.

Alaina Forbes

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