More Freelance Writing

More Freelance Writing

I have a couple of prior posts about freelance writing jobs and wanted to update with a few more companies.
The prior posts on freelance writing can be found here and here. As I have come to find, you don’t need to be a professional writer to earn money writing. I recently started as a freelance writer with Demand Studios and I have to say that it is turning into one of my favorite jobs and one of the more profitable ones as I get faster at writing. They pay upfront for most articles and most of them pay about $15 each. They are also listed in one of those prior posts. Also, someone I know just started her own blog about becoming a freelance writing Mom. Visit her new blog and start following along on her journey.
My Journey of Freelance Writing

Okay, so here are a few more companies.
Quality Gal
Love to Know 
Organized Wisdom
Interact Media
Author Mommy

Alaina Forbes

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