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NetZero 4G Hotspot Giveaway

Many of you who follow this blog are fellow work-at-home Moms. I work very part time right now from home as my day is full of homeschooling and such but it wasn’t that long ago that I dragged my laptop around town with me fitting in work when I could. We would stop by the library for the kids to pick out books and I would jump on their Wi-Fi to get a half hour of work in. Run the kids down to gymnastics class and fit in 45 minutes of work while they had fun. The problem with all of that was I was at the mercy of places that had Wi-Fi. Sure I have a smartphone and can check email and such but I can’t work on spreadsheets and such on my phone. Last week when I was lucky enough to receive a NetZero 4G hotspot in the mail, this all changed.

When I pulled the hotspot device out of the box I was in the middle of making dinner and thought I would have to take the time to read the directions and fiddle with it later but it was so simple I had entered the password on my laptop and set it up literally within minutes. The device works for up to 8 devices within 150 ft. The NetZero hotspot has really fast 4G speeds and can be used with laptops, netbooks, tablets and more. One of the best parts about it? No contract required. They also have a NetZero 4G stick for laptops and netbooks and it is even smaller. Prices for service range from a free trial to $49.95 a month. You can check out more about the devices and the plans at the NetZero website. Also make sure you stop by the NetZero Facebook page as well as following them on Twitter.
Last week we had beautiful weather here in Colorado and the kids were playing outside at the park across from our house most afternoons. Sometimes I go over with them but if  I have work to do then I usually sit outside on the bench in front of our house and watch them because our Wi-Fi does not reach all the way over to the park. But this week I just grabbed my little 4G hotspot device and got to go over to the park and sit and watch them play while I got some work done. I can imagine how much easier this would make working from home and being able to take the kids to fun places without worrying about if they have Wi-Fi or not. I am also looking forward to having it this summer when we are traveling. We travel a lot during the summer and most places we go to are out in the middle of nowhere, not at a hotel with Wi-Fi. My husband and I try not to work at all on vacations but there are definitely times when we need to drive somewhere to get Wi-Fi to check in on something for work. This little 3 1/2 inch device seems like it will be making my life a lot easier this year and lucky for all of you, it will also be making one of your lives easier too. I am giving away $300 worth of product/service (includes the 4G hotspot and 3 mos. of platinum service) from NetZero! You must be a U.S. resident and 18 years of age or older to win.

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Disclosure: NetZero compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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