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Nielsen Field Service Rep

Probably all of you are aware of the Nielsen company and right now they are hiring a field representative to work from home. Here are the details on the position below and for more information you can visit the job posting here.
Our Field Representative position provides the opportunity to combine technical aptitude with outstanding people skills while working a non-traditional schedule including evenings and weekend hours. Managing a geographic assignment of numerous Nielsen households, Field Reps will build and maintain relationships with Nielsen families while coaching all family members on how to use our equipment and ensuring ongoing family participation and customer service. Field Reps install, maintain and troubleshoot proprietary hardware and software in our sample homes to capture three screen audience measurements – Mobile, Online, and TV. Position requires bending and lifting television sets.

Job responsibilities include:

* Establish and maintain long term relationships from randomly selected Panel Members.
* Responsible for prioritizing, scheduling, and completing all work following established policy and guidelines in an assigned territory.
* Responsible for maintaining work assignments to meet various Nielsen objectives and performance goals including Market and Sample commitments, contractual requirements, quality standards, policy and procedural requirements, and customer satisfaction.
* Responsible for accurately collecting and reporting Panel demographics and audience information using Nielsen proprietary software.
* Responsible for diagnosing and troubleshooting data / equipment and taking necessary corrective action to collect and retrieve accurate audience data.
* Ensure collection and transmission equipment is properly installed and configured in Nielsen Panels to transmit necessary audience data.
* Maintains company assets following Field policy including in-home networking software and equipment, company car, laptop, and company expense account.
* Educates and coaches Panel members on operation and usage of Nielsen equipment to ensure optimum performance results.
* Coaches each Panel member regarding security procedures and expected participation responsibilities to protect the integrity of the Nielsen sample.
* Must use negotiation skills to gain and maintain cooperation of Panel members, solicit additional participation in Nielsen samples, such as PC measurement, portable video, and others.
* Must use negotiation skills to work with phone, voice, data, and content providers

This unique position with Nielsen Media Research offers the following…

# Work from home office
# Non-traditional schedule including evenings and weekend hours
# Company car (Insurance/Gas/Maintenance Included)
# Comprehensive benefits package effective the first day of employment (Medical/Dental/Vision/401k)
# Laptop computer and handheld device used to communicate with online database for testing, receiving and closing job tasks
# 8 weeks paid training program near Tampa, Florida – temporary lodging and transportation provided
# Compensation package with a base salary of $34,400, plus a $2000 Regional Pay Differential, plus quarterly incentives/bonuses based on performance and paid overtime

Job Requirements
The successful candidate will possess the following qualities:

* Previous experience with consumer electronics
* Software systems aptitude and networking knowledge
* Superior customer service skills with the ability to coach family members of all ages
* Strong negotiation skills to gain and maintain cooperation of Panel members
* Computer skills including Windows based PC proficiency
* Self-motivated
* Excellent organizational/time management skills
* Experience working with minimal supervision
* Bachelor’s degree in any discipline preferred. Technical diploma, Certificate of Completion, Associates degree or military experience is a plus. High School diploma required.
* Valid driver’s license required

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