Online Chat Jobs Working From Home With Capital Typing

Online Chat Jobs Working From Home With Capital Typing

Online chat jobs offer a great option for those looking for a work from home job that need a non-phone option. Text chat operator jobs from home are usually customer service based positions that are conducted through some form of chat option.

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If you are a stay at home mom with kids in the background then this work at home job might be the perfect fit for you. Capital Typing is one of the many companies that hires for these types of positions.

Chat jobs have been growing in popularity as more and more websites have begun to offer a chat feature as one of the options for customer service. If you have looked through the list of customer service work from home jobs before but did not think it would be a great fit for you because of the need for a quiet background then this might be perfect.

Who is Capital Typing?

Capital Typing has been around since 2004 which is a great sign when looking for a legitimate work from home company. They started out focusing on typing, transcription, and data entry projects but now do many different kinds of tasks for businesses including administrative support, customer service, and software development.

Businesses basically work with Capital Typing to outsource work they do not have the resources to do so this means they work with a wide variety of businesses.

They hire for many different types of work from home positions so if you are interested in more than just online chat jobs then keep an eye on their current job openings for other opportunities as well.

Their available positions usually go fast so if you do not see a job opening for what you are interested in then check back often.

What Kind of Work Would I Be Doing With Online Chat Jobs?

Online chat jobs are basically customer service based positions that companies use on their websites or sometimes even within other apps such as Facebook messenger.

If you have ever visited a website and gotten a pop up box on the side asking if you needed help or had any questions that is a form of online chat. This gives customers a way to reach customer support without calling the company.

Because Capital Typing works with a variety of businesses if you get an online chat job with them they will train you to work with that specific client on what their needs may be.

How Do I Get Hired For Online Chat Jobs?

If you visit the Capital Typing job page you can see any current openings they have. These positions go quickly because everyone these days is looking for a non-phone work from home job. If you do not see any for that specific type of position currently then check back often.

What Companies Hire For Online Chat Jobs Besides Capital Typing?

If you check the Capital Typing website and find they are not currently hiring or apply and do not hear back, don’t be discouraged, there are other options for online chat jobs.

You can visit our post on Text chat operator jobs from home where we list 14 companies that hire for these types of positions.  You could also check out our data entry posts for some other non-phone work from home options.

If you love customer service but can’t be on the phone all day working from home then you may find that online chat jobs offer a work at home opportunity that would be a great fit for you and your family.

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