Online Data Entry Jobs With Speakwrite

Online Data Entry Jobs With Speakwrite

Online data entry jobs are some of the most sought after work from home jobs out there. The reason legitimate data entry work from home jobs are in such high demand is because they require no phone work and offer the flexibility of working the hours and times you want to work as long as your work is finished by the deadline.

Have you thought about trying out online data entry jobs as a remote job? Sometimes it is hard to find which companies are real because there are so many scams out there. Speakwrite is one of the companies out there that is legitimate and a great place to look for online data entry jobs.

online data entry jobs

Who is Speakwrite?

Speakwrite has been around since 1997 offering data entry services in a wide variety of industries but mostly focusing on legal, law enforcement, protective services and government agencies. The companies and individuals they work with can send in their work by using the SpeakWrite App or any digital dictation device, call the Toll-Free Dictation Line, upload/email their audio files, or even mail their tapes. Companies can also submit as a pdf or zip file.

After work is submitted it is routed to one of the companies typists based in the United States or Canada who is working from home. Because the company has independent contractors working 24 hours a day they are able to offer their clients a 3 hour turn around on their work.

What Would I Do Working For Speakwrite?

Online data entry jobs with Speakwrite are really more like a transcription job. For those of you not familiar with transcription it is when you take an audio file and transcribe it into a written file. You can find more of these on our post about transcription work from home jobs.

As an independent contractor for Speakwrite your day could consist of transcribing audio from all sorts of industries including police departments, investigators, law offices and protective services.

The great thing about working online data entry jobs with Speakwrite is that you make your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. This makes this a perfect position for stay at home parents. You can hop on and off as your schedule allows and work a lot some days and not at all other days. Whatever works for your family!

How Do I Get Hired For Online Data Entry Jobs With Speakwrite?

Experience Required


Applicants must pass a typing test with a minimum speed of 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy for your application to be considered. You can take the test here

  • Residency: YOU MUST BE A LEGAL RESIDENT OF THE U.S. OR CANADA. We do not contract with off-shore transcriptionists.
  • Language: You must be fluent in English and possess a strong working knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Work Experience: You must be proficient in Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, including advanced formatting features. You must possess excellent listening skills and be comfortable working independently.
  • Legal Applicants: 1 year or more of work in a law firm, including legal transcription and word processing experience, performed within the last five year period.

Specific experience and a good working knowledge of the set-up of legal pleadings, agreements, court headings, interrogatories, deposition summaries, formal correspondence, etc.  As well as good working knowledge of the proper format of legal citations.

  • General Applicants: 1 year or more of transcription and word processing experience in an office environment, performed within the last five year period. (General office, data entry and accounting experience, etc. are not sufficient.)

Specific experience and good working knowledge in the creation of formal correspondence, memos, reports, etc.

  • Spanish Applicants: Fluent in English and Spanish, must be able to read, write and translate verbatim.

Equipment Required

SpeakWrite employs cutting edge technology to deliver quality audio to our transcriptionists. You will need the minimum required equipment to access our system:

  • Windows Based PC w/ minimum 1GB RAM – no MACs or Tablet
  • Windows OS 7 or newer
  • Microsoft Word 2007 or newer (licensed versions only). Monthly subscription based is not acceptable
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v8.0 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader v8.0 or higher
  • Windows Media Player v10, 11 or 12
  • Sound card and earphones to listen to the dictation.
  • Printer – (Inkjet or laser, properly set and cabled to work with your computer)
  • Foot Pedal – (Operates the playback of audio material. You will be notified when to order it)
  • You must download MS Word onto your computer to complete work. Uninstalled subscription/web versions are not compatible.

Do online data entry jobs with Speakwrite sound like a great fit for you? If so you can apply here. If you want more of a regular data entry job rather than transcription you can check out our post on legitimate data entry work from home jobs.


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