Online Moderator Needed

Online Moderator Needed

Lithium is currently hiring online moderators in the US, UK and Australian time zones. Here are the details of the position.
Who are we looking for?

You are an excellent communicator who is experienced with a wide variety of tools for online interaction, from message boards to blogs to chat to social network tools. You are a service-oriented individual who gets satisfaction out of helping others, yet is also comfortable taking a leadership role when needed. You are confident and are comfortable interacting with everyone from executives to the general public. You are happy working independently and appreciate the opportunity to apply your own creativity to the job. You have good business judgment and skills or are interested in developing them.

What You’ll Do

You’ll be responsible for moderating online interactions on online communities organized by large companies for their customers. In this position, you will:


* Master Lithium Technologies’ suite of community tools, so that you can use them effectively and serve as a resource to Lithium’s customers.
* Monitor participation in online forums and take appropriate steps to ensure a positive experience for all participants.
* Work directly with participants online to get them the help or guidance they need.
* Collaborate with other moderators or managers who may be in place on the customer side.
* Develop weekly or monthly reports that summarize activity in the community, provide meaningful analysis, and show progress against goals.
* Work effectively with a corps of active users who help support the community.
* Develop and implement strategies to keep the community vibrant and active with new programs, promotions, etc.
* Advise and guide customer personnel on effective principles of online community management.

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Alaina Forbes

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