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Online Moderator Jobs Working From Home

LiveWorld is hiring a moderator. This is a part time, work-at-home position. The position will include;

  • Reviewing user content
  • Tracking user content
  • Taking action on content (such as hiding, deletion, user response, or escalation)
  • Tagging user-generated content

Brand Response Moderation

* Review user comments
* Respond to comments with pre-determined responses
* Alert Moderation Manager of trends leading to need for new or updated responses
* Escalate as required

Here are the requirements per their job posting:
Required Skills / Traits

* Familiar with social media (including, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.) and online community activities/types of content (blogs, video, images, audio, discussion board posts etc.)
* Current and active participation in Facebook fan pages, groups and discussion threads a plus
* Competent typist and computer user
* 18 or older and have good communication skills
* Previous moderation experiences a plus, but not required
* High-speed Internet access a must

The online application can be found here



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