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Part Time Work From Home: 14 Flexible Options

There are all kinds of reasons why people look for a work from home job but many stay at home moms are simply looking for a way to help contribute financially to their family. For this reason, part time work from home options are usually the best option. This allows you to find a work from home job that can help you contribute financially without it taking over your whole life including all of your other mom duties.


Part time work from home


Part time work from home can be a great option for moms of babies and toddlers who want something they can fit into nap times or after the kids go to bed in the evening. It is also a great option for moms of older kids who are in school for part of the day. This way you can be available to your kids before and after school but use that time while they are out of the house to earn an income.

Part Time Work From Home Options


Search Engine Evaluator Jobs– Search engine evaluator jobs are a great option for many stay-at-home moms looking for a work from home job. For other similar opportunities visit the Google work from home page for other ways you can make money from home with Google. These positions basically provide a human element to search engine results by helping search engines evaluate which results are the most on topic and appropriate for the search query.

Legitimate Data Entry Work From Home Jobs– Some of the most sought after telecommuting positions are usually the legitimate data entry work from home jobs because they require no phone work and are a skill that many people already have.

Work at Home Writers– There are a wide variety of websites you can write for online so for those that need a lot of flexibility in their work schedule this is a great option. You can sign up to write for as many or as few websites as you would like that way you have a lot of control over your work load.

Transcription Work From Home Jobs– Transcribing means you are taking audio files of some sort and transcribing them into a written form. It is important to remember that transcription is different than data entry. There are a wide variety of companies that do transcription including medical doctors and hospitals, lawyers, and general transcription companies.

Teach ESL From Home–  If you love to teach you can sign up with one of these companies to help teach English as a second language. Each of these companies has different requirements as far as how much they require you to work each week but most of them are very flexible. The experience needed with each company varies a lot as well. Some simply require you to be a native English speaker while others want you to have previous teaching experience.

Work From Home Virtual Call Center Companies- Most of these companies hire agents that take incoming customer service type calls helping customers place or check on their orders. Some of these companies have a requirement for how many hours you need to work per week and this varies per company so check with each company before applying to make sure the number of hours per week are a good fit for your  part time work from home schedule.

Virtual Assistant– A virtual assistant does many of the types of tasks that an administrative assistant would do. These can be anything from clerical, organization type tasks to writing or technical tasks. Some virtual assistants prefer to cover all aspects of being a virtual assistant while others prefer to specialize. For instance if you have a background in social media you could work as a virtual assistant specializing in social media. Again the different companies that hire for these positions have different requirements so check with each company before applying to see if the minimum hours per week is a good fit for part time work from home.

Get Paid to Drive– While these driving jobs are not technically work from home positions they do offer a lot of flexibility and the option to work as much or as little as you would like.

Freelance Art Jobs-Some of these companies hire people but most bring you on as a freelancer where you can submit different projects including writing, illustratations, and graphic design.

Work at Home as an Online Tutor– Many of these online tutoring companies allow you to make your own hours and work as much or as little as you want so it is a great option for those looking for part time work from home. If you enjoy teaching others or are an ex-teacher than this would be a great fit for you.

Scoring Essays Online-This can be a seasonal position or a part time position if you can get on with several of the companies. These companies hire people to work from home grading essay portions of standardized tests. Usually you have to sign up for four hours shifts but can work as many or as few days as you would like.

Get Paid to Become a Website Tester– This is probably more for those that want very part time work because these companies often do not have enough work load to keep you busy very often.  A website tester is a regular user that provides feedback on website appearance and function. You walk through a test of a website using a microphone on your computer providing feedback along the way on your first impressions, website loading speed, impression of website graphics, and general functionality.

Online Translation Jobs– If you are fluent in another language this is a great part time work from home job for you. It offers a lot of flexibility and higher pay than most work from home options.

Make Money With Short Task Sites- There are a lot of different websites that offer what they call “short tasks” or “microtasks”. These can be a wide variety of things including data entry, freelance writing, and research just to name a few. If you sign up with several different websites there is usually enough work to keep you as busy as you would like. You pick and choose which tasks you want to do so once you have been doing them for a while you can get a good idea of which ones are worth the pay. Websites like this also allow you the flexibility of working whenever you want and as much or as little as you would like.

If you think the only work from home options out there are full time then hopefully this list has given you a great place to start looking for that part time work from home job. Good luck!

As always feel free to email me with any questions you have regarding these positions!


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