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Seasonal Work From Home Job for Eddie Bauer

Image via WikipediaVIP Desk is one of the virtual call center companies that I mention here often. Currently they are hiring seasonal work from home brand ambassadors for Eddie Bauer. A brand ambassador for VIP Desk basically is responsible for answering a customer’s questions about a product and handling customer requests on behalf of VIPdesk’s client, Eddie Bauer, from home office via phone, email, and/or chat.
Other responsibilities as listed on their website include
* Interacts with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints.
* Provides assistance to customers on site navigation, client policies, product information and all questions related to the client’s product and sales.
* Meets client sales target by utilizing upselling and cross-selling techniques.
* Offers credit cards and other loyalty programs on behalf of Eddie Bauer.
* Uses Eddie Bauer ordering system to process orders in an efficient manner.
* Represents client in a professional, courteous manner.
* Attends meetings and trainings as required to obtain new and pertinent information about the client and their products and services.
* Applies high quality customer service guidelines while servicing customers.
* Applies client and VIPdesk policies as applicable whenever interacting with customers.
* Meet or exceed all program metrics as outlined in training and manuals (e.g., attendance, quality, sales, etc.).
* Other duties as assigned.
* Bonuses based on talk time
* Total compensation averaging $10.00-11.50/hr

To see the rest of the job listing and to apply visit the VIP site.

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