Sites Like Amazon Mechanical Turk Where You Can Make Money

Sites Like Amazon Mechanical Turk Where You Can Make Money

Many people looking to make some extra cash from home in their free time like to use Amazon MTurk. I often get asked if there are other sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Many people know they can make money from home with Amazon  but might not be aware there are other sites just like Amazon Mturk where you can make money too.

Sites Like Amazon Mechanical Turk

What is Amazon MTurk?

MTurk is basically Amazon’s crowdsourcing site where people that need tasks completed can post tasks and people that want to earn money can complete tasks and get paid. There are a wide variety of tasks that can be completed as long as they can be done virtually. The tasks usually pay based on how long the task will probably take. The tasks might be posted by companies that need a task done and do not have the time or resources to complete it or by an individual working on a project or business. 

Once you are registered with Amazon MTurk you can work whenever you want. The site is open 24 hours a day so it is great for those who already have a full time job and just want something to do in their free time to make a little extra cash. Because Amazon is such a big company, people looking for this type of work are usually aware of MTurk but may not be aware that there are many other sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk out there as well.

Most people refer to these types of websites as micro task websites because they offer small tasks you can complete for money. If you go looking for more of these websites on your own, that term “microtasks” is a good search term to use in your search. Be aware that none of these websites should have fees to join or sign up if they are legitimate. If you want to find out more aboout Amazon MTurk visit our post on how to earn money from Amazon.

What Other Sites Like Amazon Mechanical Turk Are Out There?

  • Microworkers-Payments are sent via Paypal, or Moneybookers (Skrill), Payoneer, or Transpay every Wednesday or Sunday. Need to have a minimum payout of $9.
  • Clickworker-Payments are sent via Paypal or direct deposit. Paypal payments are processed once a week, direct deposit payments are made once a month.
  • Rapidworkers-Payments are made through Paypal with a minimum payout of $4
  • Figure Eight-Payments are made through Paypal once a week

What Are Some Tips On How to Make the Most Money?

  • Make sure you do quality work and are on time turning in tasks. The more tasks you complete that are quality work, the more likely someone else is to accept you for a task.


  • Check the websites frequently as the well paying tasks get taken fast once they are posted


  • Try a variety of different tasks to find out what types you are really good at can get done the fastest There is no right answer for this. Everyone will have differet skill sets and experience and that experience will make specific types of tasks better suited for you. You will find there are certain tasks that you are very slow at and are not worth the amount of money they pay and that there are certain tasks you are very good at and that you can complete quickly. Focus on those tasks.


  • Check the ratings of the requester before accepting a task to make sure they pay in a timely manner and have a good approval rating


  • Because there is no fee to sign up with any of these companies and because each one offers different types of tasks, you may want to sign up with all of them to have more opportunities to earn and more options.


  • These websites all focus on tasks that can be done virtually but there are also websites and apps that pay for tasks that can be completed while you are out running errands, etc. like Gigwalk and Field Agent. For more of these types of websites, you can visit our post on money making apps.


  • Consider this a way to earn extra cash in your free time not a way to make a considerable part-time income from home. For other ways to make money from home that can be considered more of a work at home job, check out our list of work at home companies.

Although many of these tasks do not pay much you may find that some of them are worth doing to earn money while sitting on your couch in your free time. If you are interested in finding out other options for working with Amazon, be sure to check out our post on 12 Ways to Make Money From Home With Amazon.



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