Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home: 14 Amazing Chat Companies

Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home: 14 Amazing Chat Companies

Working from home can be a lifesaver for all kinds of different people but as many of you know, I try to focus on work from home jobs for moms. Some of the easiest remote jobs to get are the call center jobs but those often are not a good fit for stay at home moms because of the need for a quiet background. For this reason text chat operator jobs from home can be a great option.

Text chat operator jobs from home


What are Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home?

Most of these positions are customer service jobs similar to virtual call center jobs but they require no phone calls. Instead you are helping customers out through a chat based system where you can answer questions or help them resolve problems through chat.

These types of jobs are becoming more and more common. If you have noticed many different websites now have a chat option available for customers to use while on their site.

What Are the Benefits of Text Chat Operator Jobs?

If you are like me and hate getting on the phone with noisy kids in the background I use the chat feature on a website whenever possible. Often times you can get a response quicker and without having to talk to anyone (for all of you introverts out there). For these reasons I wouldn’t be surprised if these types of work from home positions become more and more common.

Most of the companies that hire for these chat operator positions require you to have previous customer service experience, a computer, high speed internet, be able to communicate clearly, be friendly, and have a decent typing speed. For specific requirements check with each chat operator company.


What Companies Hire for Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home Positions?

  • Text Chat Jobs From Home-

    Text chat jobs from home with Ginger.io -This company offers around the clock care for people suffering from anxiety and depression. The company hires those with a degree in the mental health field as therapists and psychiatrists to chat to those in need. This position offers therapists the opportunity to practice from their own home or office. You can also provide teletherapy to patients over a video platform.


  • Online Chat Jobs

    Online chat operator positions With Capital Typing- This company hires for transcriptionists and writers frequently but they also occasionally hire for chat jobs. They work with a wide variety of businesses that outsource certain tasks to them so each position might be a bit different. Check their job site for many other different types of work from home jobs as well.


  • Apple Work at Home Jobs

    The main Apple work at home job usually available is called an at-home Advisor position. Basically it is a customer support position that operates through online chat. Agents assist customers with technical support and general customer service issues related to iTunes. Multi-tasking, organization skills, and troubleshooting experience is desired. This position comes with competitive pay, benefits, employee discounts, and participation in the company stock plan.

  • Live Chat Operator Jobs

    Live chat operator jobs with Support.com- Support.com is a company that provides consumers and business tech help. They hire work from home chat operators to offer customer service and tech help through their chat channels. The company has been around since and has worked with remote chat operator agents for a long time so they are well established in the work from home industry.


  • Text Chat Operator Jobs

     Sitestaff hires for chat operator host customer service positions they call “chat hosts”. They assign you to different clients so the position varies a little based on which client you are assigned to. Pay is around $10 an hour. SiteStaff gives their chat operator jobs the title “Chat hosts” and often has frequent openings for work at home positions. If you’re interested in these work from home jobs, it’s important to stay on top of the job listings that they list on their site.


  • Work at home online chat agent with Needle

    Assist shoppers through chat. This company used to pay hourly but now pays by points redeemable for Visa gift cards. Needle is an online live chat sales platform. They work with different brands by offering live chat assistance to customers shopping on the brand’s website. They hire chat operators who have the knowledge to match their brands.


  • Chat Jobs at Home With Best Buy

    This is more of a tech support position and you must have previous tech support experience for these chat operator jobs from home. These chat operators are the initial contact for those contacting the Geek Squad for tech support. Agents take information about the problem is, information about the product, and then arrange for a member of the Geek Squad to visit the customer.


  • Chat Operator Jobs with The Chat Shop

    Provide chat based customer service for large companies. You must be able to work 20-40 hours per week. Operator jobs at The Chat Shop are different in the fact that The Chat Shop company works for a wide variety of clients. One moment you might be answering questions about a product, the next you may be talking to someone about a varying service.


  • Home Chat Jobs With LiveSalesStaff

    Live Sales Staff hires for chat based customer service positions. Email the human resources email address on their website for more information.


  • Chat Operators With Sedgwick

     Sedgwick hires for an email support position so this one is a little different than the other operator jobs from home but still does not require phone work.


  • Chat Operators Positions With LiveWorld

    Live World hires for multiple types of work from home positions.  Some of their customer service positions can be chat based or may be more social media messaging based.


  • Live Chat Operator Job From Home with Modsquad

    This company specializes in digital engagement. Their digital engagement specialist position includes online chat or moderating communities. You’ll need a computer, secure internet access and a workspace that is private, secure and noiseless. Then each project has specific requirements for skills and equipment.


  • Chat Operator With LivePerson

    Live Person hires for some customer service based positions that are phone based and others may be more chat based.


  • Chat operator  with Outplex

    This company hires for sales and customer service based chat positions occasionally


  • Work From Home Chat Jobs With Camping World

    Camping World provides all your needs for the great outdoors including RV sales and service. These work from chat operator jobs are sales and customer service based and it is a full time position.


  • Work at Home Online Chat Jobs With Clearlink

    Clearlink works with a variety of Fortune 500 brands and you can too. This is a customer service and sales based position through chat and there is a base pay plus commission pay structure. See the post for more information and how to apply.



If you need a non-phone based work from home job these chat operator jobs from home options are a great place to try especially if you love chatting with people and helping them resolve issues. For more non-phone work from home ideas visit our Pinterest Board dedicated to this topic.

Non-Phone Work From home Jobs

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