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The Unsuccessful Blogger’s Income Report- Sept Update

Blogging Income Report

Welcome to my blogging income report for the month of September. For those of you who are just joining this series, you can view my other blogging income reports that I started in April. I also started a series of posts where you can learn from my mistakes I have made along the way.  I had planned to be further along in that series but with summer and all, I am not as far along as I would have liked. I want to make sure I put the time into these that they need but for those of you who are new to blogging and just need to get up and running with the basics then check out my new Quickstart Guide to Becoming a Blogger. Using that guide you can get your blog up and running and on your way to generating income.



What I Have Been Working On

There have not been a lot of changes this month to the blog. Still focusing on learning in my free time and researching SEO and keywords. Besides that I have been focusing on adding more evergreen content. One thing I realized when I reevaluated my blog last year was that he majority of my content was weekly job updates which is great and relevant but evergreen content is the stuff you can use over and over again promoting across social media. I am also working my way through all of the blogging networks in my Ultimate Blogging Resource and making sure I have joined or updating my profile with them.


What I Will Be Working on Next Month

As I mentioned last month I am not happy with my ad income and so I decided to join The Blogger Network and stop using Adsense. Ads are not set up through them as of yet but I am excited to get started and report income to you next month. If some of you don’t know about The Blogger Network, the great thing about them is they offer several different levels you can join based on your traffic. Also, with your membership you get access to all of their Build your Blog Academy materials which can teach you how to increase your traffic and start generating more income.


 Income for September

Sponsored Posts $0(last month $0)

Google Adsense: $18.24 (Down from $18.99 last month) $3.35 (Down from $4.19)

Infolinks: $34.55 (Up  from $33.85)

Affiliate Income from Indeed: $155.76 (Up from $86.22)

Affiliate Income from Moms Affiliate: $2 (Up from $0)

Affiliate Income from Ebates $55.00 (Same as last month)

Affiliate Income from Ibotta $6.00 (Down from $12)

Affiliate Income from Your Modern Family $0 (Down from $10)

Total $274.90 (Up from $270.25)


If you are interested in viewing more bloggers income reports you can check out the Cash Flow Diaries Ultimate List of Monthly Income Reports.

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nabeel faiz

Saturday 1st of July 2017

Dear keep it up I hope you will achieve your target.

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