Virtual Call Center Jobs With Accolade Support

Virtual Call Center Jobs With Accolade Support

Many times stay at home moms begin searching for a work from home job after having not worked for several years or sometimes possibly without much of a work history at all. Virtual call center companies are a great option for several reasons including the fact that there are over 60 legitimate companies that hire for these positions. If you think a virtual call center job sounds like a good fit for you then Accolade Support is one company you should look into.

virtual call center


What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center is basically a call center that functions virtually meaning that all of the agents work remotely. Some companies have a in-house call center where customer service agents work at the company office with everyone else and some companies have a virtual call center where the agents work from home. There are also companies that function solely as a virtual call center company and contract their services with third party companies to handle their customer service for them.

As a virtual call center agent you would be answering incoming phone calls routed to your home most of the time but there are several companies out there that hire for outgoing positions as well and Accolade Support is one of them. Most companies require you to sign up for shifts and there is usually a policy regarding having a quiet work background as well. This means if you are a stay at home mom you need to have a quiet space where there will be no interruptions or schedule yourself to work while the kids are at school or after they are in bed at night.

If you are interested in other companies that hire for these types of positions you can visit our blog post of virtual call center companies or visit our Pinterest board where we share virtual call center jobs we find from other work at home websites as well.

Virtual Call Center Jobs


Are Virtual Call Center Jobs Legitimate?

Yes virtual call center jobs can definitely be legitimate, they are one of the work from home positions that has been around for many years but as with most real work at home jobs there are of course companies out there that use this opportunity to try to scam people out of their money. Make sure you look through our virtual call center companies list to see a list of companies we have researched or if you come across a job posting for another virtual call center job, be sure o look through our work from home scams information to know how to research if a company is legit or not.

The majority of call center companies bring agents on as independent contractors and for this reason they are allowed to require you to pay for your own background test and drug test when required. This does not mean the company is a scam. But these costs if they are passed along to the agents are very minimal. There should be no additional costs for training or training materials, this is a big warning sign.

Who is Accolade Support?

Accolade Support has been in the call center industry for over 17 years. The company offers both inbound and outbound Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support on a 24/7 basis, or any custom schedule a client might want.The company only hires U.S. based agents. Because this specific company hires for both inbound and outbound calls including sales this varies based on the client they are working for. If you are not comfortable with all three of these you need to consider applying with a different call center or clarify during the hiring process what type of work you would be doing before accepting a position.

How Do I Get Hired?

You can apply to the virtual call center on the Accolade Support application page.  There are new positions posted there all the time but make sure you read through the open positions to be clear on the details before applying. They do regularly hire for inbound customer service positions. The current position they are applying for is a telemarketing outgoing sales position. Here are the details from the website.

“This project is not going to be a high-pressure or pushy sales position where you’ll be annoying business people with multiple calls and promising them anything to close a sale. We’re not going to run this program with an auto-dialer, where you’ll be bombarded with calls. You can work on your own schedule to close sales.

You’ll be building your own prospect lists, so you’ll be in complete control of your leads, and not get some old outdated list of disconnected or wrong numbers.  You’ll be working to help businesses save money and grow by utilizing our call center services while potentially making hundreds of dollars per day for yourself from the comfort of home.
This is an opportunity with very flexible daytime hours as part of a new and growing team. You’ll have people who have worked at Accolade Support for years that will be able to support you on this project, usually via chat or email. Our company is looking to assemble a self-driven team of call center and sales professionals from around the country with a diverse set of skills and experience.
We’re hoping to launch additional projects immediately after this initial campaign, targeting various vertical markets, along with regional opportunities. So, this may become a longer-term opportunity.           
Must have’s:

  • Located within the United States and the legal right to work in the US without visa sponsorship.
  • Self-starters who are well organized and can manage their own territories.
  • Professional, articulate, friendly, and upbeat phone presence.
  • Strong attention to detail and follow-ups.
  • Solid writing and communications skills.
  • Quiet environment to make calls in.
  • The ability to make calls at least 25 or more hours per week between the hours of 9am to 4pm in one of the US time zones. You get to set your own hours to meet the needs of leads and close sales.
  • Strong ability to make cold calls over the phone, and close sales with professional clients who are Business Owners, Managers, Directors, HR Directors, CFO’s, and CEO’s of small to large companies.
  • Very computer literate. Able to work with MS Office, Google Office, CRM Systems, and quickly learn new software systems as they’re implemented into the sales process.
  • Computer (PC or Mac), high speed Internet connection, and a phone with unlimited long distance and minutes along with a very strong connection if using a mobile phone.
  • Ability to conduct online research to quickly and easily generate and manage your own prospect lists.

Preferred Skills & Experience:

  • 2+ Years of experience working in an inbound and outbound call center environment.
  • 2+ Years of experience in telemarketing cold call sales.
  • Business to Business sales and marketing experience.
  • Great history of generating revenue in a commission-based environment.
  • Good understanding of options in telecommunications and phone systems such as IVR, ACD, call queuing, alternate greetings, call routing, etc.
  • Good understanding and professional business experience with online communication channels such as social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In), chat (Skype, website chat, Facebook Messenger), desktop sharing, email, and online forms that companies may utilize.
  • The ability to handle inbound technical support, customer service, answering services, and sales calls.
  • The ability to transfer into servicing some or all the clients that you’ve sold, along with the contracts your colleagues have sold. This can provide you with end-to-end experience and predictable hours of income.

Nice to have’s:

  • Lots of availability and flexibility in hours.

We intend to move quickly. What are the next steps?

  1. Submit your resume. If your skills and experience are a match, we’ll email you with a link to fill in a quick 15-minute survey and screening form on our website.

  2. Those who pass the survey and screening will be emailed to set up a time for a brief 20 to 30-minute phone interview with 5-10 minutes for you to ask questions.

  3. Those that are phone interviewed and move forward in the process will be emailed to schedule a basic 15 to 20-minute test call.

  4. After that, we’ll be in touch with the top candidates and discuss details about joining our team.”


Don’t think working for a virtual call center is for you? Feel free to check out our work at home companies page for many more options.

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