Web Search Evaluator Jobs With Leapforce

Web Search Evaluator Jobs With Leapforce

If you are looking for a work at home position that is flexible and fun, read on to find out how you can become a web search evaluator. There are several companies online that hire for Google work from home positions and one of them is Leapforce.


Web Search Evaluator Jobs With Leapforce


Who is Leapforce?

Leapforce is a company that performs search engine evaluations and ad analysis mostly and the majority of their workforce works from home. They contract with search engines such as Google to provide them feedback and help them improve the search engine results that you see every day when you google something.

Web search evaluators are the people that basically provide a human element to the algorithm search engines use to decide which results internet users would find most useful.

What is a web search evaluator?

Web Search evaluators bring a human element to the search engine results you see every day. Through a system the company has developed, agents help rank results so that people searching the internet get the most relevant results possible.

Agents are able to have a very flexible work schedule working when you want and as much as you want. The system is available 24 hours a day so is ideal for those who have another job or need to work around their kids sleep schedule. Imagine having a job where you can work as much or as little as you would like and make your own work hours.

Moms that want to hop on and off during the day as they have time find this the perfect job for their lifestyle and it is also a great fit for those who have a full time job and need something they can fit into their evenings or weekends. It is also an ideal fit for those that need a non-phone work at home position.

Equipment Requirements
  • High speed internet access (Cable Modem, DSL, etc.)
  • A personal computer running Google’s free Chrome web browser, version 31 or higher
  • Up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware software
Basic Skill Requirements
  • Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities
  • Excellent comprehension and written communication skills
  • Many Leapforce At Home independent agent assignments require fluency in a language other than English. For these assignments, independent agents will be required to pass a language assessment exam.

You can find reviews by current or former employees of Leapforce at Glassdoor. Currently the company has 3.6 stars out of 4.

How do I apply?

To become a web search evaluator for Leapforce you must be age 18 or over. There are no contractor fees of any kind. To see current openings and to apply visit LeapforceatHome.

Once you are contacted about employment you will need to pass a three part qualification exam to prove you understand the concepts behind search engine evaluation. Study materials are provided. If you fail any part of the exam, you may be eligible for a one-time retake.

You will need to have your own computer and internet service and will not be reimbursed for these costs. Most agents can complete the registration and qualification process within 14 days.

It is not a requirement to form a corporation to become an independent agent. However, you will need a valid Tax Identification Number. If your business is a corporation, LLC or partnership, you should already have a Tax Identification Number. If you are a Sole-Proprietorship or are self-employed, you will use your social security number as your Tax Identification Number. Your state may have different requirements and it is your responsibility to ensure you meet your local requirements. Leapforce will provide you a 1099-Miscellaneous Income Form for year-end tax reporting.

Once you are hired you will invoice the company once per month and your invoice is paid within 30 days. There are no hidden costs or fees for applying or getting hired as a web search evaluator.

This company has been around for a while and is legitimate but if you ever run across a company that you are not sure about make sure you check our Work From Home Scams page to research the company before applying.

Among the more popular companies that hire for similar positions as web search evaluators are Lionbridge, Google, and Appen Butler.

You can also visit the work at home companies page to find  other companies that hire consistently for work at home positions. For other positions similar to this you can try FlexJobs. Every job listing is hand screened and 100% verified.


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