Who doesn’t love some extra cash?

While spending money is sometimes necessary, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use these tips to earn cash back while you shop.

Do all of your online shopping through Ebates. If you have a purchase you need to make online anyways, then why not click through the Ebates site on your way there and earn cash back on your purchases.

With the wide variety of stores available on the Ebates website, you are sure to find plenty of places to shop and the cash back adds up quickly.

If your family travels a lot, one with points that can be redeeemed for travel might be best while other families may just prefer the annual check for cash back.

This might include helping ordering online, helping with a return or answering questions customers have. Customers don't know their calls are routed to you so you need to have a quiet work background.

I know many of you already use Swagbucks. Did you know you can shop through the Swagbucks website by clicking through to your favorite retailer and earn points?

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