While there are many different work from home jobs out there that are a good fit for a variety of backgrounds, this is one type of  job that requires a specific work background.

For those with experience working in the medical field but who need to find a work from home job then these remote healthcare jobs would be a great fit for you.

The type of work you will be doing for these remote healthcare jobs varies a lot based on what type of job you apply for. Obviously this also means that the pay varies as well based on the type of experience needed for each type of job and your previous education and work experience.

What Do These Remote Healthcare Jobs Entail?

AIG:  AIG Travel is an emergency travel assistance company, providing services to insured travelers who suffer illness or injury during their travels. The company hires for remote medical case managers. Must be an experienced RN or paramedic. Sometimes the positions require fluency in another language.

Anthem: Anthem is a well known health insurance company that hires RN’s for several different remote healthcare jobs. They hire for remote nurse case managers. The duties are performed over the phone but include assessments to identify needs, laying out care management plan, implementing care plan by getting authorizations as needed, and monitoring effectiveness of plan.

Best Doctors: This company helps answer your medical questions and decisions by connecting you with medical experts. The company hires RN’s for these phone positions to act as a telephone triage. They also hire for clinical impact analysts whose job entails measuring the impact of the company’s service lines through case analysis.

Carenet: This company focuses on healthcare education and support. They offer access to RNs 24 hours a day/7 days a week. These positions are called clinical care advisors and they provide care on the phone or online, including assessing needs, and identifying potential health problems. Must have RN license.

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