Did you know you can get paid to shop?

Some of you might be familiar with what mystery shopping is and some of you might be wondering what exactly I am talking about.

Mystery shoppers are customers like you and I that visit places such as grocery stores and retail stores who get paid to shop and give feedback on your experience as a customer.

How Do I Get Paid to Shop?

If you are serious about getting paid to shop then sign up with as many companies as possible. This will allow you to start receiving emails regarding  jobs that you qualify for.

How Do I Get Started as a Mystery Shopper?

The next time you are running errands in the grocery store, try to remember names of the people you interact with in the store.

How Do I Get Started as a Mystery Shopper?

Some people apply to various mystery shop companies so they have a wide variety of shops to choose from. Some even choose to only do mystery shopping at gas stations or restaurants.

Like many work from home scams, some mystery shopping listings will be fake. None of the legitimate companies will ask you to pay any fees before hiring you on as an independent contractor.

How Do I Know Which Companies Will Hire Me?

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