Did you know you can get paid to shop? Some of you might be familiar with what mystery shopping is and some of you might be wondering what exactly I am talking about.

All shops pay differently based on what you are required to do. Some may not pay at all but just reimburse you for something such as a free meal at a nice restaurant in exchange for your feedback so be sure you know exactly what is expected of you and how much the job pays.

How Do I Get Paid to Shop?

If you are serious about learning to get paid to shop then sign up with as many companies as possible. This will allow you to start receiving emails regarding available jobs that you qualify for.

How Do I Get Started as a Mystery Shopper?

You can also practice the next time you are running errands or in the grocery store and try to remember the people’s names that you interact with throughout the store. Most mystery shopping companies have some sort of online form or write-up they require from you after you complete a shop.

How Do I Get Started as a Mystery Shopper?

Once a company hires you on as an independent contractor you are under no obligation to take a certain amount of shops that come available in your area. You can pick and choose based on how well they pay, what part of town they are in, and if it is the type of shops you enjoy doing.

How Do I Get Started as a Mystery Shopper?

Like many of the work from home scams out there, some mystery shopping listings will not be legitimate. None of the legitimate companies will ask you to pay any types of fees before hiring you on as an independent contractor.

How Do I Know Which Companies Will Hire Me?

- A Closer Look, Inc. - A Step Above Service Evaluations - A Top Shop - Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. - Associate Consumer Evaluations - Amusement Advantage

Mystery Shopping  Companies

- Anonymous Insights - Anonymous Shoppers & Assessments of Pittsburgh - Apartment Shoppe - Ardent Services - At Your Service Marketing - Bare Associates International

Mystery Shopping  Companies

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