Looking for work from home virtual call center companies to work with? OnPoint Customer Service jobs are a great option.

Virtual call center agents for OnPoint coordinate outbound outreach efforts via telephone and written communications. Find out more about what it takes to become an advocacy coordinator for On Point.

OnPoint@Home is the work-at-home division of DDC Public Affairs.

Who is OnPoint?

OnPoint basically operates as a virtual call center company. The work from home position they hire for is called an advocacy coordinator.

What does OnPoint Customer Service entail?

An Advocacy Coordinator must have strong communication skills, both verbal and written communication.

How do I get hired to do OnPoint customer service?

The Advocacy Coordinator must have a professional and courteous phone manner, with the ability to simplify complex issues so that they are easily understood.

– Additionally, an Advocacy Coordinator must be a competent write who can accurately convey, in writing, the information provided by advocates.

How do I get hired to do OnPoint customer service?

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