Many people looking to make some extra cash from home in their free time like to use Amazon MTurk. I often get asked if there are other sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Many people know they can make money from home with Amazon  but might not be aware there are other sites just like Amazon Mturk where you can make money too.

MTurk is basically Amazon’s crowdsourcing site where people that need tasks completed can post tasks and people that want to earn money can complete tasks and get paid.

What is Amazon MTurk?

- Microworkers - Clickworker - Rapidworkers - Figure Eight

What Other Sites Like Amazon Mechanical Turk Are Out There?

- Make sure you do quality work and are on time turning in tasks

What Are Some Tips On How to Make the Most Money?

- Check the websites frequently - Try a variety of different tasks to find out what types you are really good at

Although many of these tasks don't pay much you may find that some are worth doing to earn money while sitting on your couch in your free time.

What Are Some Tips On How to Make the Most Money?

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