Work from home jobs are a great way to earn money from home but they do usually require a commitment to a minimum number of hours per week.

For those that just need a side gig to earn extra cash in your free time then here are my top side hustle ideas.

Some of these apps earn you money when you are out shopping and some of them work by showing you tasks nearby that pay cash if completed.

Use money making apps

Mystery shopping is a legitimate way to earn money by giving feedback on your customer experience at locations near you. Pay varies per company.

Sign up with these mystery shopping companies

With the wide variety of stores available on the Ebates website, almost anyplace I want to shop online is available.

Shop through Ebates

Why not earn cash back for purchases you are making anyways? Plus they usually offer a $5-$10 bonus for signing up.

Anyone can sign up to be a website tester. They are looking for feedback from regular web users like you.

Become a website tester

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