Transcription work from home jobs are heavily sought after in the work from home community.

If you need a non-phone position and have transcription experience then a transcription work from home career might be the perfect fit for you.

Transcribing means you are taking audio files of some sort and transcribing them into a written form. It is important to remember that transcription is different than data entry.

What is transcription?

Many people wonder how to get transcription work from home jobs.

How do I get a work from home job doing transcription?

They require someone that is speedy and accurate at typing but also requires special equipment.

How do I get a work from home job doing transcription?

If you are a fast typist there are only a couple of transcription companies that will hire  inexperienced transcribers to do general transcription.

Transcriptions jobs are a great opportunity for working from home but much more difficult to get unless you have previous transcription experience or training.

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