Many times stay at home moms begin searching for a work from home job after having not worked for several years or sometimes possibly without much of a work history at all.

Virtual call center companies are a great option for several reasons including the fact that there are over 60 legitimate companies that hire for these positions.

A virtual call center is basically a call center that functions virtually meaning that all of the agents work remotely.

What is a Virtual Call Center?

Virtual call center jobs can be legitimate, but as with most real work at home jobs there are those that use this opportunity to try to scam others.

Are Virtual Call Center Jobs Legitimate?

The offer both inbound and outbound Sales, Customer Service and Tech Support on a 24/7 basis or any custom schedule a client might want. They only hire U.S. based agents.

Who is Accolade Support?

Because this specific company hires for both inbound and outbound calls including sales this varies based on the client they are working for.

Apply to the call center on the Accolade Support application page. There are new positions there but make sure to read through open positions to be clear on details before applying.

How Do I Get Hired?

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