Work at home call center agent jobs are some of the most common positions you see in the remote job world.

Years ago companies realized that by allowing their call center agents to work from home or by contracting with a virtual call center company they could save a lot of money.

XACT is a provider of contact solutions including phone, email and chat services.

Who is XACT Solutions?

In general, call center agents provide customer service either for the company they work for or for a third party company they are contracted with.

What Does a Work at Home Call Center Agent Do?

XACT Solutions is a company that contracts with other businesses to handle their customer service needs so you could be working with a wide variety of clients if you are hired.

What Does a Work at Home Call Center Agent Do?

Some companies require both customer service and sales. Most call center companies route incoming calls to your home phone but some companies also require you to make outgoing phone calls as well.

The requirements for this specific position are listed below from the company website.

How Do I Get Hired For a Work at Home Call Center Agent Job With XACT Solutions?

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